Twitter Poll: The Nats’ MVP thus far?

On Sunday, I asked my Twitter followers the following question: After 40 games, who do you think is the MVP of the Nats? A) Drew Storen B) Tyler Clippard C) Jason Marquis Why?

As it turned out, Storen received most of the votes. Here is what the followers had to say.

@Sultan_of_Stat: Storen has been absolutely dominant. Marquis has been great but Storen is the guy so far.

@szul: A case could be made for all three, but it’s probably Storen. Lots of close games and he’s really picked it up.

@kennygartner: I’d like to vote for Laynce Nix. He stepped up and has been a leader on a weak offense

@Victor__Noel: @DrewStoren. Getting those last three outs provides a boost of confidence for the entire team.

@HendoDC: Storen has been dependable to an almost unreal degree, but you gotta watch his innings pitched.

@thebrowncoat: Hard not to pick Marquis with five wins, but Storen has been their best player.

@dan_offerdahl: Wilson Ramos, because without great defense and solid game calling, no pitcher looks good.

@dc_Roach: Marquis for MVP. Starting pitching wins games, and besides I’d have a hard time deciding between Storen and Peaches.

@Souldrummer25: I’ll never go to war with a reliever. Marquis is the early MVP by a landslide for me.

@JackToomey: Livan Hernandez

@slunk64518: Storen hasn’t blown a save yet and he has looked great so far.

@SallyRyland: Storen has been lights out especially in some tough spots.

@beidenmolinaro: Marquis has been amazing, but Storen is the absolute standout.

@ouij: I’m going with Storen. He has been lights out lately and it has done loads for his self-confidence. Just don’t call him the closer.

@Charlie_Slowes: There isn’t MVP. Pitching and improved defense has been it.

@SteveRep44: @Charlie_Slowes is right. There isn’t one.

@natsnq: I have to say Storen. After a shaky Spring Training, he has come out firing. Love Marquis, but we knew he was capable of this.

@GravyHoltkamp: Jason Marquis. I love pitchers who can also hit. I also loved when he came in as a pinch runner.

@ roycap1963: Marquis. Starting pitcher more important than relievers.

@jtshiffman: Marquis — by far. What I love about this poll is that they’re all pitchers. It says a lot about the Nats’ offense. It’s non-existent.

@KerryPribik: Storen. Consistently closes out games. He doesn’t implode with getting bases loaded and then losing the game.

@DCyetti:Marquis. He is the best hitter on the team!

@Section138: Brian Broderick. Without him, wouldn’t have seen Cole Kimball this quickly.

@Natss9: I would go with Marquis. He has been the most reliable starter out there! He been so solid with each start.

@Evolution33: I would vote Clippard if he came out to Peaches but he doesn’t so Storen

@tedakai: None of above. Alex Cora/Jerry Hairston Jr. for covering Ryan Zimmerman’s absence.

@IBALLZACH: Gotta go with Marquis, he’s been a real stabilizing presence in the rotation.

@deleowned: Write-in vote for Shark Bernadina. The leadoff spot was a black hole until he came up. Also covers more ground than anyone.

@fitdabattle: Storen has been perfect. He’s got my vote.

@skipalb: Marquis, but Storen is close.

@SodaPop6548: Hard to say, Marquis has been a solid starter, but Storen has been an unmovable object. I’ll go with Marquis, though.

@radbcc: Storen

@Liz_Walt: Storen

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Laynce Nix for providing pop, attitude. Write in for Roger Bernadina at lead off, running, fielding. Jason Marquis is our Ace; Drew Storen for continual improvement

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