Storen has rough outing vs. Cardinals

A few hours after Nationals right-hander Cole Kimball was sent to Minor League camp, asked a baseball source this question: With Kimball sent to the Minors, does this mean Drew Storen will be on the 25-man roster? 

The source made it clear that Storen could still be sent to Minor League camp. On Friday, Storen left it open for a possible demotion, pitching one inning and allowing three runs on four hits during a 10-4 loss to the Cardinals.

Storen entered the game in the seventh inning with the Cardinals leading 6-4. He allowed a two-run homer to Daniel Descalso and a solo homer to Mark Hamilton. For the season, Storen has allowed nine earned runs in 6 1/3 innings.

“He must be throwing the ball in the sweet zone — in the middle of the plate — for them to hit the ball the way they did,” Riggleman said about Storen’s outing Friday. “We don’t make excuses, he is just not getting them out.”     


We may have brought Drew Storen up a little bit early. I remember when he first appeared on the mound in a real game and his hands were shaking so badly (although he pitched OK that day). I think that Storen might profit from a year or so in the minors, maybe even Harrisburg, where he might get a little bit of savvy.

It would not be right to keep him over Balester at this point. Balester has outperformed Storen in every way that a player can be outperformed.

Someday Drew Storen will be a good one. It appears, however, that the day may not yet have arrived.

Send Storen down. Let him work his way back. Keep Broderick in the pen. This will be good for Storen and the team in the long run.

Send Storen down to work his way back. Good for him; good for the Nats. Keep Broderick in the pen. Need to show that competition matters.

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