Espinosa expected to play against Braves

Two days after fouling a ball of his right foot, second baseman Danny Espinosa traveled with the Nationals to Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on Thursday and will come off the bench against the  Braves.

Espinosa had to leave Tuesday’s 5-2 loss to the Mets in the top of the seventh inning after fouling a ball off the top of his right foot.

Espinosa, who had to be carried off the field and into the trainer’s room, appeared to be seriously hurt initially. The good news was that Espinosa was walking on his own power after the game. X-rays on Espinosa’s foot were negative.

“I will play for a few innings just to see how it is. It was just swelling. That’s all it is,” Espinosa said. “I figured it wasn’t broken. I didn’t have any pain in the actual spot I was hurt. What was hurting was the swelling inside my foot that was making my ankle and toes stiff. They checked everything before I left the clubhouse that night, so I wasn’t too worried.”

Espinosa is one of the Nationals’ best players this spring, hitting .324 with two home runs and a team-leading 12 RBIs.

“I feel good. With runners in scoring position, I try to get that runner from third home, even if it’s a ground ball or whatever it is,” Espinosa said.

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