A look at Minor League options — Nats style

Here is a look at the Nationals players with or without Minor League options. A player without options like infielder Alberto Gonzalez can’t be sent to the Minor Leagues right away. He has to be designated for assignment, which means the Nationals have 10 days to trade him, reassign him to the Minor Leagues or release him.

A player with an option can be sent down to any Minor League affiliate. Here is a look at the team’s 40 man roster. See how many options each player has left.     

Nats players without Minor League options
OF Rick Ankiel                                        
LHP Sean Burnett
RHP Tyler Clippard
RHP Todd Coffey
INF Alberto Gonzalez
LHP Tom Gorzelanny
OF Mike Morse
RHP Henry Rodriguez
RHP Chien-Ming Wang
OF Jayson Werth

Nats players with one Minor League option left
RHP Collin Balester
OF Roger Bernadina
LHP Ross Detwiler
INF/OF Jerry Hairston Jr.
RHP Livan Hernandez
RHP Jason Marquis
RHP Garrett Mock
OF Nyjer Morgan
C Wilson Ramos
LHP Doug Slaten
RHP Stephen Strasburg

Nats players with two Minor League options left
SS Ian Desmond
C Jesus Flores
1B Adam LaRoche
LHP John Lannan
RHP Yunesky Maya
LHP Atahualpa Severino
RHP Craig Stammen
RHP Jordan Zimmermann

Nats players with three Minor League options left
OF Corey Brown
RHP Adam Carr
2B Danny Espinosa
RHP Cole Kimball
1B Chris Marrero
C Ivan Rodriguez
RHP Drew Storen
3B Ryan Zimmerman

*Pitchers Brian Broderick and Elvin Ramirez are Rule 5 picks.
** Outfielder Bryce Harper has yet to pick up options.   


What about Morse?


Sadly, Morse is out of options as well.

Bill, a couple questions about your options list:

Hairston/Livan/LaRoche, etc: any pro with more than 6 years of MLB experience can summarily decline an optional assignment correct? So even if someone like Hairston or Livan had options left, they’re essentially useless?

Strasburg: how has he burned two options already? Drafted in mid 2009, optioned in 2010. He didn’t play in the minors in 2009 at all, so he didn’t accrue any minor league time in 2009 right? You don’t burn an option year in your draft year, even if you’re added to the 40-man, else Harper would have burned an option last year himself.

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