Twitter Poll: Nats fans react to Werth signing

On Sunday night, I asked my Twitter followers this question: Did the Nats make the right decision signing Jayson Werth? Yes or No. Why? A lot of the followers responded to this question and the results were mostly positive. Here is what they had to say.   

@JeffSchiffman: No way. Is he going to be worth $18 million when he is 38 years old?

@jpminter: They’re loaded with talent and ready for a playoff run sometime in the next few years.

@JackoBeam: Yes. It makes them relevant and gives Ryan Zimmerman protection. It sets the tone for style of player in next five years. 

@Kenz_aFan: Yes on Werth. Signing Werth opens the door to more and possibly bigger deals, not just the smaller ones.

@eenyy820: He has great talent and he’s an awesome athlete. But it’s tough to see him being productive when he loses his bat speed when he is 38.

@UnkleWheez: It was the right decision. I’m fine with money and years. We are not only paying for Werth, but also for Respect and Attention.

@md_schmidt: The Nationals outfielders were a major letdown in 2010. Werth is an instant upgrade on the field and in the batting order.

@RickandBach: No, no, no for many reasons, but yes because at least they’re trying. 

@PeterKrafcik: No, too much money.

@BrockTalk: I love the Nationals picking up Werth. Who cares about the salary? It’s not my money they’re using. Whatever it takes to win!

@billjanetcsu: This is great day for Nats

@JoannHutch1976: I’ll admit I wish Phillies would have signed Werth, but I’m glad he’s going to a team where he can be a leader.

@McNicollb: Not a big fan of this deal. In seven years, he barely will be walking on those creaky knees, let alone running or hitting.

@JFLANland: A good signing. Need to overpay guys to get them to play in DC right now. Add Carlos Pena and Carl Pavano next. Also give Ryan Zimmerman a  Troy Tulowitzki deal.

@TexasRangers_HQ: Great day for Washington.

@zaronow: Can there be a copout third answer? For example, “It’s too much, but the Nats had little recourse?”

@jpminter: I think it’s good. The Nationals need a veteran with a big bat to sell some tickets. They can’t rely only on No. 37 for that.

@johncarls: I don’t see how Werth is so much better than Josh Willingham. That $126 million couldn’t be used elsewhere.

@ryan_the_great: Yes on signing him but the money is a bit suspect for a 31 year old with a career batting average of .272 hitter. He has only three good years.

@mikecarlucci: A year before Strasburg is back, but Werth and Zimmerman are the core with Harper and Desmond leading the youth movement.

@junoyeopTV: Not at all

@JoannHutch1976: Yes, Yes $126 million times yes.

@wood1953: Too much length and money to a corner outfielder

@RAM0018: It puts them on the map.

@gopherballs: Signing Werth to a contract of this magnitude with the team in it’s current state was not wise.

@zwarse: Bigger crowds, a leader and playoff experience. I could go on.

@JWerthsBeard: YES

@Ryan_Gaydos: I think you know that I’ve been following baseball all year round and it just doesn’t make sense to take a big risk for a young club

@comish4lif: Probably not a good deal in years, but most definitely a necessary deal.

@CDublin: They desperately needed to do something to get out of fifth place. We had to overpay. It’s the only way a good player would come.

@LAWLandMine: Yes although I do think they paid a bit much for him. Werth is a solid talent. I’m happy to see him in a Nats uniform.

@Jeffrey_Bergin:  A legit everyday player who can create runs. Only bad if deal precludes them from extending Ryan Zimmerman and other young talent.

@Matt_B_Cole: What’s wrong with adding more talent and protecting Zim in the lineup?

@jfast3: The Nats made a great decision. 

@tbridge: While I have doubts about years six and seven of that lengthy contract, this is a solid pickup and it’s a good day.

@steveglissman: Werth is too old with only two good seasons. Adam Dunn is the same age with better production. They should have given Dunn a fourth year.

@ColinPCraft: The Nationals are in a big market and can eat contracts.

@lwb2: Great addition to team and No salary cap. Only ones that care about this deal are other GMs trying to get free agents.

@theFrap: The Nats needed a strong hitter like him. He can shape the team and hopefully turn them around.

@Edwincnelson: They have to make a stand and decide to win.

@ryscoziro: They needed to give something to their fan base, which was dejected after Dunn’s departure. 

@HendoDC: Without Dunn, they badly needed a run creator.

@thebrowncoat: Of course. The contract is too long.  They overpaid, but you have to in order to prove you’re legit players in the market. They had to show the fan base they were in this to win after Dunn’s departure. Werth is a worthy replacement.

@khillock: Does the contract include any no-trade clauses? Because for the last three years of that deal, Werth might be a DH.

@sbiel2: For an overpay like this, the Nationals have to make the playoffs by 2013. And they won’t.

@CraigMac: Overpaid? Yes. But it was necessary.

@TheNatsBlog: They needed to shell out the extra money to become relevant.

@kennygartner: This was a great way to begin replacing Dunn, and with Werth potentially a late bloomer, seven years might not be too bad.


Yes, having BIG name players puts fans in the seats which generates $$$. The more money the team makes, the bigger name players they can attract. Lets see who else they get before we make judgement on the this season.

I’m still upset that the Nats didn’t re-sign Adam Dunn. I think they gave too many years and too much money to
Werth. I will not be attending as many Nats games this year
as last year, as Dunn was a favorite of mine.

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