Twitter poll: Nats fans react to Dunn going to Sox

On Thursday, I asked my Twitter followers this question: What is your reaction to Adam Dunn signing with the White Sox? A) Happy, B) Sad. The majority of the followers were sad. Here is what they had to say

@KBar80: I’m sad about Dunn, but business is business. I just hope it improves the Nationals somehow.

@CDublin: I’m sad because the Nationals didn’t get anything for him, but on the bright side maybe they can get younger and more athletic at first base. 

@HendoDC: He brought power and an average glove at first base. He didn’t seem to be making an unreasonable demand in asking for four years, $56 million.

@AlanClaffie: Not sad, but not happy about Dunn. He seemed like a good guy to have around with a bat that’s going to be hard to replace.

@NatsEnquirer: I’m happy because I’m holding out hope for Wil Nieves to the starting first baseman for Nats in 2011.

@tbridge: That’s a big hole in the lineup with no clear replacement.

@AlanFG: I will miss the excitement of his power plus he wanted him to be here.

@JackoBeam: I’m irritated and feeling disrespected as a fan base.

@donnysamson: Beyond sad. I agree with all of Ryan Zimmerman’s quotes. Dunn is Ryan Howard, and Dunn liked playing DC. I’m so mad at front office right now. 

@CarolBrobeck: Very bummed about this. Dunn was going to set high marks this year. 

@Andy Tretler: Despite what most think, the Nationals will be a better team in the long run.

@BrandonAKrueger: The offense goes from decent to absolute garbage. I’m done following this team.

@ferretcomp: Mixed. Sad to see the hitting go, but optimistic about better defense at first base and fewer strikeouts.

@leon_saffelle: I’ll be sad if they use Dunn’s money for Carlos Pena. They must make a big move now to avoid an attendance fallout.

@JScottLewis: Horrified! But I bet you are smiling from ear to ear, you Dunn hater! I hope you get that defense you’ve been wanting!

@WesleyDennis: The Dunn move is not good. I thought he had couple good seasons left to contribute and become a  mentor.

@thebrowncoat: “The Plan” was to lose our second best hitter and upset our best hitter.  We’ve succeeded.

@ SeanMMcNally: It was a bad decision, bad talent evaluation and a bad omen for Zim in 2013.

@Kim Contreras: I’m sad because Dunn wanted to stay with the Nats. White Sox GM Kenny Williams wanted him from the start and it’s good to be wanted.

@emmi1966: I’m sad because I just don’t see Mike Rizzo’s master plan and that makes this feel like a pointless loss of a valuable slugger.

@catch108stchs: I’m happy because I have an internship with the White Sox organization this summer. 

@tylerradecki: Nats just let a great first baseman go and he wanted to be here. Rizzo needs to get to work.

@arrsdrunktweets: Happy. I’ve never seen anyone other than Dunn strike out five times in one game. He wasn’t worth the asking price.

@Reggie: I’m sad, not only because of his home run power, but while watching him, Dunn always made baseball fun.

@waflanagan: I’m sad because this means that Zimmerman is gone in three years.

@natsreportjon: All other options are ghastly, and if you’re going to continue to lose, at least make the fans happy.

@recordsANDradio: Sad to watch the Nats for years. It just got worse.

@rickyh17: Disappointed. Dunn was major part of the offense and replacing him will be difficult. Hopefully, Rizzo has a plan.

@beidenmolinaro: I’m sad because the Nats have no realistic hope of replacing what he meant at the plate, in the clubhouse and to the fans.

@comish4lif: I’m frustrated. A weak team now has yet another hole to fill.

@jypaulos: Not just sad. I’m angry. They could have signed Dunn.  


Very bad day for the Nats. Just really stupid. No way they replace him.Defense was fine, offence was off the charts.Ladson and Rizzo look really stupid right now.

Lets me guess, Lerner’s no to four years for Adam. Rizzo and rest of management yes. Money wins, Washington loses.Better listen to what Zimm said,he knows baseball Lerners definately do not. Several thousand fewer dairiers in the Park and Im one. Know nothing owners hurt the team again.

Letting Dunn go simply makes no sense. Who on earth is capable on this current team of hitting 38+ home runs a year and consistantly driving in more that 100 runs a year? Answer:
Ain’t nooooo body but noooooo body! Good luck, weak sisters! Another 100 game losses in 2011.

Letting Dunn go simply makes no sense. Who on earth is capable on this current team of hitting 38+ home runs a year and consistantly driving in more that 100 runs a year? Answer:
Ain’t nooooo body but noooooo body! Good luck, weak sisters! Another 100 game losses in 2011.

I remember how happy everyone was when we landed Dunn. And he did everything expected of him — and was transitioning to 1B. Sure the K’s hurt but the HR’s were awesome. You don’t lose your #4 power hitter (one of the premier ones at that) without a plan in the works. So it better be a good one and get rolled out ASAP! With the dismal showings the past few years the Lerners need to prove that they’ve “Lerned” and get some talent that will make us forget about Dunn and have hope for the future. At least President Obama is probably happy with this development.

They screwed the pooch on this one. They could have signed Dunn for less early in the year. They could have traded him for a decent return. Instead all they are left with is couple of draft picks. And it looks looks like his replacement will be Carlos Pena, what did he hit last year? .198? Booo!

Good move by Rizzo and the Nats. Power hitters dont age well and Dunn’s homers didnt improve the team. Dunn was and is not a great hitter. He is a slugger. That means he is good for one thing and that is home runs. He wasnt a clutch hitter and left plenty of men on base. If your going to spend almost $15M per year on a player he better help you win. Dunn wouldnt do that. A couple years from now you would hate to need money for the last piece but cant afford it because your money is tied up in a aging, declining slugger.

Letting Dunn go doesnt mean the Lerners are cheap. You just dont give aging sluggers long term contracts. People are criticizing Rizzo, but he did the right thing. The Reds let Dunn walk (by trading him). Jay Bruce stepped in and two seasons later the Reds were in the playoffs. If the Nats were losing say a Adrian Gonzalez than fans would have the right to be upset. Dunn is not Adrian Gonzalez. In a season or two you whiners will come around but people who understand baseball knew that Dunn’s future was in the AL and that the Nats did the most prudent thing for the club going forward.

Unfortunately, as fans, we can only speculate as to how or why the team would allow Adam to walk away from a town he WANTED to stay in and his family LOVED also. That all points to a guy getting re-signed. So what if he wanted 4 years. You give it to him. He deserves that just for appreciation of his stats and stability in the clubhouse the last 2 years. So let’s picture this scenario: It’s July and Adam is having another typical season. The Nats, who are still nowhere near the playoff chase start getting OFFERS from true playoff contenders. Do you think the offers might be BETTER than the measly draft compensation we will receive now?? Seems like everyone remotely knowledgeable about baseball knows this answer EXCEPT the Nats. Right now, Ryan Zimmerman is a sitting duck in this lineup. I have been a loyal season ticket holder since the first year but these kind of moves make me want to reconsider. We can only hope the next few weeks bring some clarity because patience is wearing thin around here…

The Lerner’s are making a decent unjustified profit from fielding a bad team for desperate fans. But they have no intention of spending enough to be a contender if it diminishes their return on investment. My prediction is the fan base will drop to below about 12,000/game as people start watching returns of Sarah Palin’s daughter on DWTS. The Lerner’s strategy will then be to cut salary to make up for ticket/parking/concession revenue. R. Zimmerman is gone after 2013 and who could blame him. Baseball fans are always the most naive….full of unrealistic childish enthusiasm. Get real folks and look at the Lerner’s and get depressed for the holidays. Forget the NATS and support the CAPS. Be happy again. Good owner, good team. Happy Holidays to the CAPS and Ted L. And Adam Dunn too. Humbug to the Scrooge Lerner’s.

Looks like ANOTHER year finishing in the cellar. I’m a huge fan. Attended maybe a dozen games with 2-4 guests each time this year. I keep hearing about progress. This team looks better, that team looks better…each year the same result-the cellar. Is it asking too much that our team finish someplace other than last????? Are you listening Lerners????? Am I really asking too much? We drop Capps, we lose Dunn and this is supposed to mean a better team????

I’m sorry to see Dunn go. But I don’t claim brilliance with baseball moves either. But if all the Lerners are able to do after letting Dunn go is finish the season dead last AGAIN, then it just may be time to start driving to Baltimore. Hello front office-anyone listening?????? Does anyone care??????

Note to Zim-we love you, but won’t hold it against you if you start planning your move away from this. You deserve more support than these clowns seem to be able to offer while promising-again-about our so-called bright future. Looks awfully dark INSIDE A FREAKIN’ CELLAR!!!!!!!

Hope I’m wrong about this-I’ll gladly eat these words at the end of next season if we finish somewhere-ANYWHERE but DEAD LAST. Will the Lerners make the same pledge? I doubt it.

This is not the calamity that some think it is. Dunn was fun to watch, the home runs a treat to see. But his shortcomings were just as big as his 475 foot homers. Terrible defense, 199 strikeouts, awful with runners in scoring position. He really is a DH at best, not worth $56 million over four years. The truth is that the Nats were slightly better for the two years before Dunn arrived than during the two years that he was here. His impact really was minimal despite the power stats. That being said, I’ll miss having him here, and would rather see Dunn at first than Carlos Pena. Hopefully, the money saved by not overpaying Dunn will be used wisely to improve the club with better pitching and defense.

Ok, DC sports fans – let’s stop whining about how cheap the Lerners are – see Werth, Jayson. Let’s go Nats!

Lets see if Werth is going to hit 40 HRs. Don’t get me wrong I like getting Werth. But what ignorance not to keep Dunn and have both. Dunn actually wanted to be here. How many other TOP 5 recent HR hitters are going to want to come here. Answer: NONE! Keep both and you are turning the corner. It will be interesting to see if Werth follows all the rest of Washington Sports hi priced free agents and go bust. I hope he is above that.

To me, this shows that the Nations ownership, once again, is more interested in making money than building a competitive team.

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