Dunn may have played last game at Nats Park

Phillies pitching was able to stop first baseman Adam Dunn in a 7-1 victory over the Nationals on Wednesday night at Nationals Park. He went 0-for-4 with four strikeouts and may have played his last home game in a Nationals uniform. He is a free agent after the season ends Sunday. 

A day after indicating that he wasn’t thinking about playing his last game at Nationals Park, Dunn acknowledged that he was trying to please the fans by trying to hit a home run during his four at-bats. 

The chant, “Sign Adam Dunn,” was heard every time Dunn came to the plate.

“Yesterday, when I was asked that question — how it could be the final game here — I thought it would be like any other game,” Dunn said. “And then you guys got me thinking, when I started to hear that stuff, I tried to hit every ball as far as I possibly could. I was trying not to do that, but I ended up trying to do that. I wish it would have ended better today but the Phillies whipped us.

“You can’t put it into words. That’s the first time in a long time I had the jitters. I haven’t had that in baseball in a long time. Tonight, for some reason, I had it. It was  pretty cool feeling.”
Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman said he would not be happy if the Nationals weren’t able to sign Dunn to an extension. Zimmerman said it would be hard to find a power hitter to replace Dunn, who is hitting .262 with 38 home runs and 103 RBIs.

“It would be frustrating,” Zimmerman said. “Obviously, if you lose him, you lose a big piece of a lot. It’s hard to find a [cleanup] hitter like that. Obviously, he does a lot in here that you guys and the fans don’t get to see. He is a good teammate. To let him go, it’s going to be hard to replace him. When you go out and find a guy like that, it’s not only hard, but expensive.”


Maybe they want the draft choices they’d get if someone else signed him, but me…I’d want a proven commodity and the boy can hit the long ball and pull in fans.

If the Nats do let Dunn go, it will be very hard for me to believe it. As attested by the standing ovation that a lot of people gave Dunn when he came to the plate for the last time tonight, his ability to launch one is a source of pride to a lot of us irrespective of how many times he strikes out and how good a 1B he is defensively. He currently has a WAR of 3.7, so I’m having a hard time seeing how his deficiencies outweigh his on-field and off-field contributions to the team. And if he goes, who will replace him? Carlos Pena? Pena, who has hit 11 fewer HRs this year than last, who currently has an OPS of 150 points less than Dunn’s, and who has a WAR approximately one-third Dunn’s? If the Nats don’t sign Dunn before he can go out on the market as a free agent this fall, I hope what will happen is that Dunn will go out and see what he can get and the Nationals will match it unless what Dunn gets is ridiculously high by anybody’s standards. No other scenario makes sense to me in terms of the Nats going this far without resigning Dunn. And even if Dunn does sign with someone else for a ridiculously high amount, I think a lot of Nats fans are going to be upset that the Nats didn’t sign him to a multi-year deal for something less when they had the chance.

If they don’t sign Dunn, my season ticket holder group is Dunn.

The Nats are at a crossroads and need to determine if they want to be viewed like the Pirates or of the Phillies. We (the fans) have been more than patient and five years is long enough. Signing Dunn would make a huge statement to the Nats, the fans and baseball alike. We’ve got the young crop of talent, but now we must blend it with the seasoned, quality character people. Zimm has already voiced his opinion and it better be heard by the front office.

Kasten leaving has left rumors that the reason for his departure is because the Lerners won’t open their wallets. I hope this is an unfounded rumor, but what they do with Dunn will go a long way with answering my question and I hope that I won’t be Dunn with the Nats.

I could not agree more with dave@us-mtg.com. The entire club has voiced its strong desire to have Dunn come back….the manager, players (especially Zimmerman -and also Marquis, Willingham, and many others), and certainly the fans.
What an outpouring of affection for Dunn the past week or so by the long-suffering Nats fans. For the front office to ignore this would be an incredible slap in the face to them…..and with attendance beginning to slump, that would also be incredibly stupid. He has played 1st base now for only one full season and has made significant strides there. He is still deficient there, but working hard at it and showing improvement. Besides, if I recall correctly the Lerners were more than willing to sign Mark Texeira for something approaching $100 million or more. He may be stronger defensively, but Adam’s numbers are better than his this year and so is his BA. More so, no one in baseball has hit more HR’s the last 6 yrs. than Adam Dunn. As Tom Boswell has said: “You don’t find offensive players like this growing on trees!” No kidding! I would strongly urge Rizzo et al to get off their duffs and sign him for at least 3 yrs. Dunn wants to do this. So, what’s the problem?

Big Nats fan since they left Montreal and would be really cheesed if they didn’t find a way to sign Dunn. What a way to start the off season that would be ….

Who would pick up his RBI count? Gotta build a solid team that can gell together. This has to be built around a core group of players, one of which I believe is Dunn!

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