Riggleman wants to start winning

No matter what happens during the rest of the 2010 season, the Nationals will have a better record than last year, when they were 59-103. 

Entering Tuesday’s action against the Astros, the Nationals are 62-88. However, Washington has lost four straight and 10 out of its past 12 games. Manager Jim Riggleman is concerned that the recent losing streak may mask the progress the club has made this year.

“You worry about that a little a bit because the fans have supported us so well,” Riggleman said after the team’s 8-2 loss to the Astros. “I think people have gotten excited about some of the nice players we have put out there.

“But when you lose too much, they are going to get a little disillusioned with it. We can’t let that happen. We have to keep playing with energy, play hard, battle with energy and not take innings off. The other clubs are going to get you if they do that.”   


If Riggleman want to start winning, then he will have to:
1) Learn how to manage like a winning manager (Something that history has shown, he’s incapable of doing). His .422 win percentage with the Nats is below his lifetime win percentage, which says his learning curve is going in the wrong direction.
2) Do an almost complete turnaround in regards to his managing methods. (A task, I doubt very much he’s capable of doing)
3) Learn how to better manage his pitching staff. While It’s better than last season, the improvement has nothing to do with Riggleman. The pitching staff actually had better numbers before he replaced Manny Acta.
4) Upgrade his coaching staff.
5) And to help his chances of winning, resign and relearn how to manage in the minors. (for another franchise)

If the Nats (meaning Rizzo and the Lerners) retain Riggleman as it’s manager for 2011, not only will it be a big indicator that it’s more about money (Riggleman is a cheap hire) than winning, plus it would be the equivalent of taking two steps backwards, no matter what kind of team they field in 2011.

In light of the poor offense shown in the second half, management has to feel that there is a need to acquire new faces who can actually produce runs. Hitting a lot of home runs really doesn’t help when you can’t also produce hits when runners are in scoring position, and that seems to be one of the prime deficits of this team. Having at least one more seasoned pitcher wouldn’t hurt either, as they have been going deep into their bull pen with depressing regularity.

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