Morgan watching game with accuser

Center fielder Nyjer Morgan is currently watching the game between the Phillies and Nationals with Jake Kunkel, the man who accused Morgan of throwing the baseball at him at Citizens Bank Park on Aug. 21. Kunkel went to the game as Morgan’s guest.  

Morgan received an seven-game suspension by the league office, but after an appeal, was cleared of any wrong doing. Morgan maintained that he was trying to give a ball to a fan, but the ball went over the fan’s head and hit Kunkel

Morgan is currently serving an eight-game suspension for trying to knock down Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson — even though Anderson didn’t have possession of the ball — using inappropriate language toward fans at Sun Life Stadium and having a physical altercation with Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad.

Morgan and Kunkel are watching the game behind the Nationals dugout. Before the game, Kunkel was able to meet manager Jim Riggleman, who gave Kunkel and three of his friends a tour of the Nationals clubhouse. Kunkel then went in Riggleman’s office and talked baseball for several minutes.

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