Twitter poll: Should Nats sign Dunn to extension?

Two nights ago, I asked my Twitter followers this question: Do you think the Nationals should sign first baseman Adam Dunn to an extension? Yes or No. Why? Most of the followers want Dunn back for 2011 and beyond. Here is what the followers had to say. 

@Sultan_of_Stat: Yes. Ryan Zimmerman obviously wants him to stay and we need to keep our franchise player happy within reason. Dunn is definitely within reason.

@jcj5y: I’ll take the guaranteed 35 HRs and shoddy defense over an unknown free agent who might hit .220 with 15 HRs and great D.

@MrJMadIV: Dunn should have been extended the day after the trade deadline passed.

@reifiss: Absolutely. Nats should sign with Dunn. Please! Just please.

@borzoi06: Yes. Yes. and YES. Nats should sign Adam Dunn because he’s good and a good fit for the team. Who could replace him?

@juliewright757: Yes, because he hits 40 home runs. A first baseman like Dunn don’t grow on trees!

@khillock: At the beginning of the season, I said no. But, since they didn’t trade him, not signing him would be a complete waste.

@tbridge: Yes. If he’ll take a three year deal.

@jypaulos: YES! He’s in top 10 in several offensive categories. He’s a leader in the clubhouse. He is third among NL first basemen in errors, but it’s his first full year at the position. Look at the slack they’re cutting Ian Desmond in his first year in the big leagues and he leads all of baseball in errors. It is a complete no brainer to resign Dunn. If Mike Rizzo does not re-sign him, I’m not coming to Nats games next year at all. I love the team, but I got to hit Rizzo in his pocket book.

@AlanClaffie: Sign him! Love having a 30-plus homer slugger on the team, and he seems to have a great attitude to boot. Hope he can stick around.

@jealle78:Yes, sign him! He’s a guaranteed 40 bombs, 100 RBI guy. So many player are risky, but he’s a guaranteed good ballplayer.

@DCyetti: I say do it, but be careful with three-years plus. Bryce Harper and Tyler Moore will come up. I think Morse can fill in at first base if Dunn leaves and the Nationals could go for an outfielder.

@XSP4: Yes! That production doesn’t grow on trees and it helps Zim a great deal.

@HendoDC: Yes. His bat pop produces runs and his height and reach make him a useful 1B.

@TheNatsBlog: Yes, if they can get him for less than four years. No, if not. The Nats need to think about the future beyond 2011.

@tylerradecki: Yes. No other replacement will come close to his production, and the team loves him and he wants to stay in DC.

@KimCinAZ: They should try to re-sign Dunn, but nothing generous. Depth chart is good/fluid — almost too fluid – with better defensive first basemen. Without his bat (homers and strikeouts) others will rise to the occasion and make fewer errors. My two cents.

@IBALLZACH: Obviously his production over the course of his career is simply amazing. Letting him go would be a monumental mistake.

@bart__davis: Yes. Good power hitter. Better defensively this year at first. Consistently hits around 40 homers.

@SodaPop6548: He isn’t perfect, but is a big part of our offense and a fan favorite. The fans want Dunn, so keep him around!

@swampudlian: Dunn extension: Yes, unless he asks for crazy money. Not re-signing him means they’re punting the 2011 season.

@AtomicOvermind: Barely tolerable defense, excellent bat, great for morale and makes Zimmerman better. Sign him, Rizzo!

@BrandonAKrueger: You may hate him, but he is by far a better option than what 25-30 other teams have. 

@Bill_TDS: No. Dunn is a born DH. No NL team should be willing to outbid AL teams for him.

@ilovethenats: I love Dunn!!! The man has what this team needs, a lot of heart and hits!

@JoshsThoughts: Save the money and wait a couple years when it’ll actually time to do something. Nationals won’t be in the position to win next year. Basically, just don’t overspend on anyone until Strasburg and Harper arrive.

@DroppingTheBall: Who replaces his production although his defense is not good? Would hate watching the lineup trying to score without him. 

@CapitolAvenue: No because the money would be better spent on player development.

@UnkleWheez: Yes, they should re-sign him. 1. Too hard to replace his impact in lineup. 2. Fits in the locker room 3. Cost too much for someone else.


Unlike most of you, I hate his strike outs and one home run every 15 at bats with nobody on base, as is frequently the case, has been a problem. But, still unlike most of you, I think he is a tolerable first baseman, and this year he has began to hit to left a little and do a little more hitting other than just home runs and strike outs. I do think it helps Zimmerman to have Dunn and Morse following him. He’s a good guy and averaging everything else out, I think he’s a real asset and should be resigned. If Marrero or somebody else comes up and really shows up good, they can still trade Dunn in his second or third year of the contract. As of now he the least gamble of anything, and a big part of the team. Also unlike some, I think the Nats might contend for a wild card by next year, and if pitcher Zimmermann get it all back and Strasburg gets it all back, I look for a front running team by 2012 with Dunn included.

For those who claim his defense is lacking, please sign another guy who is better on defense and can produce 100 RBI and hit 40 homeruns. Got one?? Yeah, thought so.

“one home run every 15 at bats with nobody on base”

Is it Dunn’s fault that guys aren’t getting on base in front of him?

I think all Nats fans appreciate what Dunn has contributed to this fanchise especially a cellar dweller. However the big question is what will it take for the Nats to be competitive? At the end of the day you must have 4 All Star players on your team and depth. The Nats are rolling out young position players which I welcome. But where are the 4 All Stars on the roster in their prime? If the Nats put 4 All stars on the roster tomorrow they will be competitive.

Along with player development that have to spend money in free agency. The current path they are on even if everything breaks right they are 3 to 4 years away from being competitive.

With Dunn the last 2 years we have done basically nothing. With the exception of 1Q we are the same cellar dwelling club. The money should be spent on SP to improve our record. Dunn is rispaverse and a DH in waiting. No need to waste good money that could be spent on our most pressing need – starting pitching!

absolutely, dunn’s worth a three-year deal, 15 million a year; look at all these other pretend power hitters making big money and hitting half the homers dunn hits, and driving in fewer runs as well.

Does ownership appreciate the number of fans Dunn brings to the park?

I think the fans have spoken. Ignore at your peril, ownership.

The list of baseball free agents in 2011 is very poor. There ‘s TP Crawford and Adam. Do you all think the Nats have any chance in signing Crawford? Don’t think so. This poll is so lopsided I did ‘nt think Dunn had that many relatives living in the Washington area. Bottom line sign him.

At first I thought he should be resigned and resigned quickly, but I now think he needs to go. Dunn never delivers a timely hit, whether he is at first or in the outfield he is a defensive liability and that wont get better as he gets deeper into his 30s. People keep saying he is guaranteed 40 home runs and 100 RBI. That didnt happen last year, and probably wont happen this year.

There are plenty of first baseman the Nats could go after. They probably have the pitching prospects to go after Fielder, who is a much younger, much more productive first baseman. I like Dunn, but given his lack of clutch hitting and defensive woes the Nats should go a different direction. Its kind of like the Alfonso Soriano situation. Wanted the Nats to keep Soriano, but a year later was glad they didnt pony up the money. Now the Cubs are stuck with him. Would you really like to be stuck with a useless Dunn, paying him 10-12M a year for 3 or 4 years?

Hells yes, they should sign Dunn! The Nats were willing to pay at least $160 million for Texeira. What’s wrong with putting at least some, if not all, of that $$$ towards Dunn?

Sign Dunn. He is the best all around 1st baseman available
either via trade or free agent signing. His offence makes up for his defence. This will make Chris Marerro available as
part of a package to get a top 3 type starting pitcher. Marerro is weaker than Dunn defensively. Tyler Moore is the 1st baseman of the future now. Sign Dunn and when Moore is ready Dunn will be a good trade piece for another starting pitcher. This is how you can use Dunn to keep his offence and also get two other pieces via trade over the next 2 years.

The question is not whether to sign Dunn, but at what price and for how long. He’s making $12 million this year. His walks, on-base percentage, and situational hitting are down significantly this year, but his RBIs, homers and slugging are on par with his averages in recent years – which are considerable. I don’t see any alternatives who can supply the same power and who assuredly will be available in the next couple of years to the Nats. There’s no guarantee, for instance, that Prince Fielder would want to come to the Nats, especially at a price the Lerners would approve. And there’s nobody in the Nats system who can substitute for Dunn at present. So I’d offer Dunn his present $12 million plus incentives for three years.

Git R Dunn.

I played 1B in HS and college and was a HS Head BB Coach for 10 years. (1) Dunn has improved significantly as a 1B from last year to this year. He still has a way to go, but he is certainly in the league defensively with a number of other 1bs in the majors. He appears to be a hard worker and with another winter of work could be a fairly good 1B. After all, no one asks about Prince Fielder’s fielding; (2) To win, you have to have “someone” to protect RZim. No one else in the organization can put “fear” into an opposing pitcher the way Dunn can. That is one reason RZ got the walkoff HR against Philly earlier this summer — Dunn was on deck (I was there!!). Note that Morrero was drafted … 4 years ago (?) and has yet to take an AB above AA. (BTW … who is playing 1B at AAA? Why isn’t the organization talking about him?) That should tell you that he is not “the promised one.” And the word is that his defense is much worse than Dunn’s. It looks like the kid at Potomac will develop before Morrero. (3) Dunn is good for 35-40 HR a year and 100 RBI. Who else is available — and would come to DC — that can provide that? Dunn actually likes it here. He is happy — keep him. (4) I have watched sports in this town since 84 and frequently the teams here have advertised “buy 3 tickets and see [insert name of visiting star] for free.” Dunn is on trach to hit 500+ HR which will put him in the HOF (everyone else who has 500 is there) so if we do not sign him expect to see in the near future “but a special 3-game plan and see HOF Candidate Adam Dunn for free.” That would be a real disservice to Nats fans.(5) Failing to sign Dunn means that Mgt. has given up on next year already. He wants 3 years and 40 M. He is worth it, give it to him.

I like Adam Dunn, but he strikes out way too much. I’d sacrafice his 40 home runs if we can sign fleet footed outfielder who can connect and give you .300 plus and 30 homers. Morse will get you 25+ homers playing regularly and Bernadina can go to left. The Hammer goes to right. Nyjer can take Willie Harris job on the bench.

My previous post would be assuming Morse would play first.

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