Twitter poll: What do you think of Ray Knight?

Last week, I asked my Twitter followers this question: Nats analyst Ray Knight is doing an outstanding job as Bob Carpenter partner on MASN. How do you think Knight is doing? Why? The results were mixed. Here is what the followers had to say. 

@thebrowncoat: He is better than Rob Dibble. He doesn’t make me want to throw something through my TV screen at least twice an inning.

@rocket1124: A breath of fresh air. Smells like competence and real baseball insight.

@AlanClaffie: Knight can’t hold a candle to Dibble. I miss Rob every time a game starts and he’s not part of the broadcast team.

@danr: Ray Knight’s OK, but Dibble knew his pitching stuff. Learned a lot from him. His unpredictability kept my attention. 

@markbachrach: Nats broadcasts would be better if dissent was tolerated. Nats aren’t perfect. Why force broadcasters to pretend? I liked Rob.

@thom202: Paired with Bob Carpenter, they are the dull duo.

@pbsenerchia: I love Knight — knowledgeable, low-key, interesting and informative.

@szul: I liked Knight on the postgame show, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay on as the color guy permanently.

@emmi1966: I like his baseball knowledge; ability to get worked up a little; positive attitude; southern friendliness. Works well with Bob.

@tylerradecki: His only issues are with speech, knowledge is never a problem with Ray. Which is why he’s great for studio work.

@SodaPop6548: I think he’s doing a good job. Wouldn’t mind him sticking around.

@SeanMMcNally: Improvement over the previous color guy. Would like to see MASN look at other options for both slots next year, though. Ken Singleton would be an inspired get for MASN next year. Total pro, can do both play-by-play and color. He has local roots — ex-Expo.

@getxstoked: I miss Don Sutton, personally

@Swishy7: Bring back Dibble

@jypaulos: Ray Knight? My Vote-thumbs down. Neither Ray nor Bob have any opinions of their own. If they keep the Ray and Bob show next year, I’m going to the radio.

@joemktg: Ray offers tremendous technique and strategic insight, while butchering the English language and telestrator. Very entertaining.

@MikeHill_: Ray Knight is a World Series MVP. He signed my cap, He’s the man!

@nat_meg: Ray is an excellent analyst who knows his stuff, but he needs to work on his speaking skills.

@RegularRon: He bores me. And I miss Dibble.  


No broadcast team will ever compare to Bob and Rob. Dibble had everything you could want from a color analyst. His commentary was very honest and his unbiased approach toward the Nationals gave the fans a realistic outlook on the ball club. But…when Ry Zim would hit a homer, he was cheering right beside me. I loved his humor. It made the game more fun to watch.

It will never get better than Dibble.

And Ray Knight is just terrible. I hated watching Nats Xtra, pre and post, just because Knight was apart of it. And now we’re being punished by having to listen to him during the game.

Dibble was the best we’ve had. Ray Knight is awful. He talks way too much and offers no real insight. I now watch games with the sound off just becuse of him. Hopefully they will replace him in the offseason.

In addition to my last comment, I’ll add that most of whom (above) that are pushing for Knight to be a permanent replacement are saying things like “they wouldn’t mind.” That’s not exactly what I’d call enthusiasim. More than one person mentions Knight’s poor speech…and all he ever talks about are the ’86 Mets. Hey Ray, we’re glad you got one..we don’t need to hear about it once a game. At least when Dibble referenced his pitching career, it was relevent to the situation at hand.

Bring back Dibble.

I’ve never cared for Ray Knight as a manager or a commentator. I also liked Dibble a lot, he cared about the team and spoke up when they didn’t play up to their potential.

I don’t like Knight OR Dibble. Dibble just talked too much about himself. Knight comes across as kind of a dumb guy with a nice personality. It’s time for the Nats to hire some more professional announcers.

I appreciated Dibble’s humor, candor, insights, and rapport with Carpenter. I was very sorry to see him go.

Knight sometimes strikes me as not being well prepared (player background, pronunciation of names), and he does tend to butcher the English language (e.g., Livo was very gratuitous with the fans). Don’t get me started on the Telestrator. Truth be told, if I got better radio reception, I’d watch with the sound off.

I miss Rob Dibble. His good humor and erudition made him a perfect companion for Bob Carpenter. The two had real synergy and great chemistry. Dibble put the “color” in “color man.”

Ray Knight is fine on the post-game show, but he is TERRIBLE as a color man. He and Carpenter have no chemistry whatsoever, and Knight goes off in these endless, boring anecdotes and picayune analyses that make me yell “JUST SHUT UP!” at my TV screen several times a game. And his voice and accent grate on my ears like torture. If these were like the good old days when the TV picture and radio sound could be sync’ed (and the Nats had an FM station to broadcast their games) I would listen to Jaegeler and Slowes.

I hope the Nats relent and bring back Rob Dibble. It was like losing a friend.

Dibble made the game entertaining even when the actual game wasn’t. Now I can’t stay interested in the game long enough to watch it…. sad to say, but I now find myself watching MLB Network programming even when there is a game on. I’ll have to look into what radio stations are available for me to tune into.

I have to agree with joewelsh completely. I think Ray Knight is inept and excrutiating to liston too. And it’s particularly nauseating to hear BOB&RAY (Tweedledum & Tweedledee) gushing and falling over themselves when they’re talking to Riggleman or Rizzo. Seems clear that they are on board with the ‘no dissent tolerated’ message and that everything is just peachy keen and we’re all excited about next year (again). At least Dibble had opinions & expressed them, which is why he’s gone. I’m also getting real sick of the young-guys-high-energy message that’s clearly coming straight down from Rizzo & being parroted by BOB&RAY (and Riggs) – it’s a thinly disguised way of trying to say that maybe and ‘older player’ like Dunn lacks energy (which he doesn’t) in preparation for getting rid of Dunn. They really are just a couple of parrots babbling on – I go over to the radio frequently just to avoid them.

Why MASN ever got rid of Tom Paciorek, I still don’t get… Dibbs was entertaining if annoying. Ray’s fine, very knowledgeable, and a good man, decent style. Bob Carpenter is good too… Bob and Tom together were not bad… Get Tom Paciorek back, if he’ll come back out of retirement. Let’s leave Phil Wood in for the Pre/Post game coverage–he’s outstanding! Love Byron Kerr too, and Debbi Taylor does a good job as well.

and obviously love Johnny Holiday; when he’s paired with Phil Wood it is one of the best pre/post game tadums I’ve seen/heard.

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