Twitter poll: Who was wrong in brawl between Nats vs. Fish?

About 20 minutes after the Nationals and Marlins found themselves in a brawl on Wednesday night, I asked my twitter followers this question: Who do you think was at fault when it comes to the brawl between the Nats and Marlins? Nyjer Morgan or Chris Volstad? Why? Here’s what the followers had to say.

@eenyy820: Tough to say. On one hand, the Fish were up 15-5 and Volstad threw behind him. On the other hand, Morgan gotten negative publicity and charged the mound

@khillock: Morgan! He should expect retaliation for the nonsense he’s been pulling. He looks like he’s searching for trouble.

@DCyetti: I agree RT @Section222 Olsen is at fault. If the game wasn’t a blowout, Marlins wouldn’t have thrown at Nyjer a second time.

@tradepolicyguy: Volstad for throwing behind Morgan. No reason to escalate it

@junebugskippin: It takes two to tango

@cheist: Volstadt…No question. Nyjer had already been hit once

@TheNatsBlog: Nyjer Morgan. Walk away

@ShakyKnee: Volstad and the Marlins. Bean him once ok, but he never broke a rule. Played the game hard in my mind.

@tommyalanson: Come on, it’s Nyjer. I’m glad that clown got clothes lined. He knew they’d be going after him after that bad hit on their catcher.

 @CapitolBaseball: Nyjer. Way too many incidents in the last two weeks to justify that behavior. But realistically, both share some responsibility.

@TheRealAdamGee: Nyjer Morgan is at fault. He didn’t need to go and steal those two bases.

@TheNinerInsider: Nyjer Morgan. He’s pushing everybody’s buttons lately.

@thebrowncoat: You don’t throw behind a guy, but Nyjer was asking for it. Stealing those bases — you knew it was coming.

@jpminter: Volstad shouldn’t have thrown at him the second time.

@TigersScorecard: Morgan for sure. You’re running into catchers on purpose, you better expect a pitch behind you. This is baseball. Keep your cool.

@UnkleWheez: Nyjer, He stole bases after being hit and just doesn’t get it.

@szul: Both. But Morgan’s going to get the bulk of the blame from the press.

@M_OMalley: Volstad. You can’t spend the entire game wrapped up in retaliation. You have to let things roll off your back once in a while.

@CraigMac: Both. Nyjer has an attitude problem and needs anger management. Volstad needs to follow the code — once he is hit, it’s over.

@kevin_reiss: Volstad shouldn’t have thrown behind Nyjer, especially after hitting him earlier. But Nyjer set himself up for this.

@natsnq: Volstad already plugged Nyjer.Why do it twice except to do it with malice? Nyjer should have socked him harder in the head.

@SodaPop6548: Volstad hit three batters tonight. If Morgan had gotten hit just once it wouldn’t have happened. The Marlins instigated it.

@KimCinAZ: Morgan because he’s brought this on this series.

@welovedcsports: I gotta say both. Nyjer brought it on by stealing second and third, but Volstad threw behind him. Twice in one game? Seems a bit much.

@Bill_Busch: Morgan at fault. Stealing the bases down 11 was bush league.

@dvillavicencio6: Morgan has been looking for a fight for about a week now.

@bart__davis: Both. Stupid baseball bravado.

@RealMurphy: They had both had the opportunity to act like men, but they both chose to act like selfish children.

@AJGibbs: Riggleman is the one to blame. Control your center fielder. Stealing bases down by 10 runs. He put his teammates in danger tonight.

@rolmeda: If you’re manager had acted instead of coddling/excusing bully Nyjer, none of it would have happened

@nat_meg: Volstad’s for sure. The message only needed to be sent once, and he did that by plunking Nyjer in the ribs. Should Nyjer have retaliated? Absolutely not. In some ways, they both deserved it, but the fault is Volstad’s for enabling.


Chris Volstad was wrong and at fault. He had hit Morgan once and he took his base. I don’t care if he was angry about the 2 steals. It is wrong to throw behind him again. Morgan had every right to go out there. The real team that should be angry with Morgan is St. Louis.

Regarding the previous comment – The real team that should be angry with Morgan should be the NATIONALS. Looking over his antics over the past few weeks – remember he is appealing a 7 game suspension for throwing a baseball at a fan – has caused problems for his team. He takes out the St. Lous catcher who didn’t even have the ball – costs the team a run. He charges into the Marlins catcher when if he slid, he may have scored the go ahead run – costs the team a run. And let’s not forget his little temper tantrum when he thought he missed the fly ball in centerfield, throws doen his glove and acted like a little leaguer. It did not go over the fence but dropped near his feet – cost the team a run. I know publicly no one on the Nat’sis going to say anything bad about him but you gotta hope in the clubhouse, he is being taken to task for his antics.

What a bunch of dodo birds. He should be hit for stealing bases? When the team is LOSING by 11 in ONLY the 4th inning? Are you kidding me? Where is THAT rule “unwritten”? In the words of another coach, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! Morgan steals bases….that is his game. If the Marlins didn’t want him stealing they should have held him on a little better. Also, Volstad hit THREE Nats before that brawl….why didn’t the Umps eject him before? At least after the first time he hit Morgan. Just like the night when we hit Brandon Phillips for plowing over Nieves, and then thumping his chest……Bautista hit him in the side, and was IMMEDIATELY ejected. Volstad should have been ejected when he hit Morgan in the 4th…..he had already hit two other Nats before that one…..Then, the 6th inning incident would probably not have happened. Maybe the Umps should be the blame for the brawl? For not handling it appropriately when EVERYONE KNEW this was going to happen?

Nyjer can’t rightly be criticized for playing an aggressive form of baseball when he steals bases, but when he becomes violent, he enters another arena, just as hockey players do. We are all subject to laws that address what happens when a player is violent – a suspension by MLB should be the least of his worries. No team should condone what he’s been doing to opposing players and he needs to be reigned in and read the riot act on what is permissible conduct or he will become a distraction from the game for the rest of the team in the same way that Elijah Dukes became a handicap.

I believe Volstad was at fault to have thrown behind Morgan. Man! That is a tough decision to make I feel not impartial enough but just like I have indicated, I think Volstad is at fault here but again it?s just my opinion hence I expect a harsh reality as well. – Jordan

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