Twitter Poll: Will Bryce Harper sign with Nats?

On Monday afternoon, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Do you think the Nats will sign OF Bryce Harper? Yes or No? Why? It is unanimous. The fans and bloggers believe a deal will get done between the Harper and the Nats. 

@SodaPop6548: I think they will. The way I understand it, he wants to play so bad right now he can’t stand it.

@krypt0nate: He’ll sign because his stock will never be higher and 2011 is supposed to be a deeper draft.

@Jeffrey_Bergin: Absolutely. You don’t leave high school, get a GED and enter the draft at 17 to be J.D. Drew or Aaron Crow

@natcapskin: YES, WITHOUT QUESTION. He will sign for less than $10 million.

@JoeBHokie: Remember, Nats took Aaron Crow at 9 in 2008 and he didn’t sign. As compensation, Nats took Drew Storen at 10 in ’09. Crow to KC at 12 in ’09

@HappyGilmore233: yes

@Szul: I think they will. I believe he wants to play and play now.

@JoeBHokie: Yes, as the kid will lose a year of multi-million dollar earning power. No pressure on the Nats for a deal though, considering compensation pick next year.

@Natsnq: Yes. If they don’t, the Nats lose face and Harper is proved a liar because he obviously doesn’t want to play ball that badly.

@NatsEnquirer: Yes: Not doing deal would be very bad outcome for both sides. Bet you $1 it gets done several hours before deadline.

@Thebrowncoat: Of course they will. This is the standard game. Deal gets done at 11:59 p.m. tonight with about a $10 million signing bonus.

@eenyy820: Yes. He’s a Scott Boras client. Boras just wants more time to ask for as much money as possible

@orangepigon: Yes. Both sides would be dumb to not get a deal done.

@JFLANland: Yes. You don’t leave HS early just to go to JuCo. 2011 draft is deeper, no promise he’d be No. 1.

@TheNatsBlog: Yes. I think the real question is how much money. 

@md_schmidt: Yes. Nats definitely want him and I don’t think Harper’s career aspirations include more AB’s at the College of Southern Nevada. He signs.

@ndepetris: yes, but not if he is looking for a Stephen Strasburg contract. Strasburg was instant improvement. Harper is good but less vital or immediate help

@tbridge: Yes. Power numbers in wooden bat leagues too good to ignore. He has much to lose if he doesn’t. Deal will get done at 11:59:40.

@HendoDC: Yes. They both want it to happen.

@Sultan_of_Stat: I’d be surprised if he doesn’t sign. He has nothing to prove at CSN and his stock can only go down with another year in college.

@jeffdonald: They’ll get him. Risk of not signing is far greater for Harper than for the Nats.

@CapitolAvenue: Yes because Harper seems to want to play.

@Jake_Titleman39: He wouldn’t have left high school and gone through everything not to sign 


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Haha.. Its funny to see many conflicting answers. Quite surprising the way different people look at the same thing. Twitter pole was a very innovative idea which I liked a lot. When I want to guard their opinion on something, I’m surely going to use the same. Thanks for sharing this information and the idea too. – Jordan

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