Dunn happy to remain with Nationals

A day after he was reportedly taken off waivers, first baseman Adam Dunn said Thursday he is happy to remain a member of the Nationals for the rest of the season.
Dunn had a feeling he would not be dealt after the non-waiver Trade Deadline passed.

“I knew that the probability of being traded at that point was slim to none,” Dunn said. “I knew once the Trade Deadline passed, I was 99 percent sure that I was going to stay put here for the rest of the season.” 

Dunn, a free agent after this season, said his agent, Greg Genske, and the Nationals continue to talk about a contract extension for Dunn. So far, they are not close to a deal. According to Dunn, both parties continue to have dialogue.

Dunn reiterated that he wants a four-year deal, but is willing to listen to a three-year offer. He does not want another two-year deal like the one he signed with the Nationals in February of 2009.

“I know we are still in communication. There is nothing set in stone,” Dunn said. “Both sides continue to talk. We have a long offseason ahead.”

Asked if he will be a member of the Nationals next year, Dunn said, “I don’t know. We’re going to continue to talk. If things can get where they need to be and both sides are happy, I’ll be here.”

Entering Thursday’s action, Dunn is hitting .273 with a National League-leading 31 homers and 78 RBIs.


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OK, Dunn is going to give you 30-35 homers and 90-100 ribbies every year, so why aren’t we signing him? Who do we have in the wings that will give us those numbers? Don’t tell me that we are wary of him being a defensive liability, he has played first base adequately. With him in the line up, Zim gets pitches to hit as does Willingham. Three years isn’t a long time, Dunn is only 31 and he keeps himself in good shape. Plus, he is a great teammate. I see nothing but positives about Dunn. Quit messing around and sign Dunn before he begins to feel slighted and moves on.

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