Nationals to honor Dawson Tuesday

The Nationals will honor Andre Dawson’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame when they face the Florida Marlins on Tuesday evening.

One of the greatest players in Montreal Expos history, Dawson will be recognized throughout the evening with the help of former Expo and Hall of Famer Gary Carter. 

Dawson and Carter are the only two players in the Hall of Fame to represent the Nationals/Expos franchise. The Nationals will also honor other Hall of Famers with ties to Washington’s baseball heritage by unveiling a Hall of Fame Ring of Honor on the concrete façade above the PNC Diamond Club.


I will be at the game Tuesday. Since I have been a loyal Expos/Nationals fan since 2003, this will be my third game. The Nats are 2-0 in the time I have gone further than watching MASN to watch the game. Haha. Unlike most fans, I’ll be there for the honoring of our Expos heritage of our ball club. I planned on going before even finding out about Strasburg pitching. But hey, I guess thats a plus too! Go Nats and thank you to the organization for the honoring of our Expos heritage, because I know many Washington fans do not care to recognize it.

i too will be at the game tonight, because i go to every game. i used to go to senators (both original and expansion teams) games with my dad and grandfather. i remember so fondly the stories of babe ruth s homeruns, dizzy dean breaking his toe at the all star game at griffith stadium, the homestead grays at griffith stadium. we’d get into lively debates too about who hit the longest homeruns. my dad and grandfather said babe ruth. i knew no one could have hit them father than frank howard. after the nats moved to texas, we kept right on enjoying baseball, but this time in baltimore. brooks and frank and boog and cakes palmer have a place in my heart too. andre dawson? not really. nothing against him, but the fans who love him most are in montreal. the nats are out of line in forcing him on dc’s baseball heritage, and ignoring his fans in montreal. if montreal fans get a team again, how will they feel about mr. dawson’s ring of honor in dc? the best fans in baseball are cub fans. i say this because they always lose, and get great attendence anyway, even beating the first place white sox by a wide margin. i’d love to see the nats develop a fan base like that some day. seems to me the focus should be on the fans, not the franchise.

I really respect your opinion erniek4567. but andre dawson should be in the nats ring of honor. I really respect the history of washington baseball, but the nats have a history as well. They are the montreal expos. And andre dawson was one of the best players in expos history. There a lot of nats fan that act like they were an expansion team that came in 2005, and to each there own, but i have been a loyal expos fan since the 1970’s and i think it’s great that they are finally getting some recognition for a change.

it seems a very small number of nats/expos fans can relate to the point of view of those of us who have been washington baseball fans for 50 years. from our experience, franchises are not important. franchises move away. franchises lock out their players. franchises are business entities. what we care about is washington baseball. we don’t have it easy like the cubs or yankees or red sox fans. our history is much more complicated. we have our own history, but outsiders and newcomers want to change it all the time. we already had the hall of stars, selected by washington sports people. their names were in a prominent place in RFK (a better place than what you saw at nats games in 2005-2007). now, stan kasten says all that doesn’t matter. he wants to interpret dc baseball history in his own way. andre dawson is in. frank howard is not. we hear that is because hondo is not in the hall of fame. kasten is way out of line. billy martin is honored in monument park at yankee stadium and he is not in the hall of fame. this is the yankees people. the nationals have higher standards than the yankees? if kasten loves franchises so much, maybe kirby puckett and nolan ryan should be up there too, they never played in dc, but their franchises did. and if montreal should get another team, i’m sure they would want andre and gary back. i would agree with them.

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