Lannan to replace Strasburg in rotation

The Nationals have decided that left-hander John Lannan will replace right-hander Stephen Strasburg in the rotation. Lannan, 25, will pitch Sunday against the Phillies.

It will be Lannan’s first big-league start since June 20th against the White Sox. In that game, he allowed five runs in four innings and was demoted to Double-A Harrisburg the next day. The Nationals believe that Lannan lost his confidence before the demotion.

At the time of his demotion, Lannan was 2-5 with a 5.76 ERA in 14 starts. His biggest problem was getting left-handed hitters out. They are 28-for-75 [.373] with two home runs and nine RBIs against him this season.

After his demotion, Lannan was inconsistent, going 1-4 with a 4.20 ERA for Harrisburg. 

Lannan, who was Washington’s Opening Day starter, will have the tough task of facing a Phillies team that gave him fits on Opening Day. Lannan allowed five runs in 3 2/3 innings in a 11-1 loss to the Philadelphia. 


This is stupid. 1-4 at Harrisburg rates a promotion to the “bigs”. The Nats must have someone that is doing a better job. This I just do not understand.

I agree with the previous comment. If John Lannon is not getting it done DOUBLE A, he is not ready for he bigs. How about you bring up Matt Chico instead?

I agree with the previous comment. If John Lannon is not getting it done DOUBLE A, he is not ready for he bigs. How about you bring up Matt Chico instead?

I’m starting to get the feeling that Lannan is either related to Rizzo or he washes and details Rizzo’s car for free. He’s been nothing more than a batting practice pitcher this year. What you been smoking Mike? Whatever it is, cut it out … your making bad choices … except of course for getting that catcher from the Twins yesterday … that was sweet. I agree with everybody else, what about Matt Chico? That kid has recovered from his injury and has a bright future. Lannan ….ehhhhhhh!

This decision to bring Lannan back to the Majors after going 1-4 AA Harrisbrug, makes no sense. Milone, Chico and a few others are doing a lot better in the minors and should have been given a shot. Do not see how this will help his confidence, hope this works out for all concerned and Lannan turns his season around starting on sunday…

I was going to go to the game on Sunday but I’ve changed my mind…it would be like going to “The Little Big Horn” to watch Custer. Lannan is a nice community active type guy, pleasant, well spoken, got hose Bambi type eyes but batters have been knocking the feces out of the ball against him this year. Matt Chico would have been my choice.

This makes no sense, sorry to say Lannan’s done!!!You watch he’s going to get tatooed. Whatever he had, it ‘s gone and I felt that way coming out of Spring Training. No command, control,can’t spot his pitches and throws too soft. I feel the team has lost confidence in his ability to keep them in the game, let alone win one.

Seems like a really, really, bad move he performed poorly, was sent down and performed poorly and he gets bought back? I agree with another comment made about the Little Big Horn. I’m saving my money, instead of going to the game I’ll watch it on TV this way if it goes bad………….

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