Nats score first run in weird fashion vs. Brewers

The Nationals ended up scoring their first run of the game in weird fashion during their 4-3 loss to the Brewers on Saturday night.

Milwaukee was ahead, 2-0, when Washington scored its first run in the fifth inning. With runners on first and third, Ian Desmond hit a long fly ball to Jim Edmonds, who made a great backhanded catch in center field. Edmonds and second baseman Rickie Weeks were able to double off Mike Morse at first base for an inning-ending double play.

“It was a mistake on my part,” Morse said. “I thought there was no way Edmonds was going to get the ball. But he is a great outfielder. I should have kept my head up.” 

However, in the bottom of the fifth inning, the umpires ruled that Josh Willingham scored from third before Morse was doubled off first base. Rule 4:09 in the 2010 edition of Official Baseball Rules states that the lead runner can score before the runner on first is thrown out.

Riggleman found out about the scoring change through umpire Dale Scott in the bottom of the fifth when he went to make a pitching change. 

“This one didn’t have that feel that we would get that run,” Riggleman said. “I saw Dale go over and talk to [Brewers manager] Ken Macha. I thought maybe that was what he was saying, but he didn’t come over to tell me. So when I got up to make a pitching change, he said, ‘You know the score is 2-1.'” 

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