Twitter poll: What changes would Nats fans make?

On Saturday afternoon, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: When the second half starts, what changes would you like to see the Nats make? Here is what some of them had to say.

@thebrowncoat: Fix Tyler Clippard, please! Play better fundamentals. Play better defense. But I’m not sure how you “fix” that. It may be more of a personnel issue.

@davewordnerd: Send Justin Maxwell away, far away from DC. Figure out what’s wrong with the bullpen. Get more real bullpen pitchers.

@SodaPop6548: I would say the Nats need another catcher, who could give Pudge a few days off here and a good guy at second base.

@PhightinPride: I want to see Mike Morse be an everyday player.

@szul: No team changes. Just play better defense and get those hurt pitchers healthy.

@NatsFanInUK: Need a frontline outfielder and middle infield prospect. Time to peddle vets.

@PearCube: Fewer errors, Stephen Strasburg getting run support and a Jordan Zimmermann appearance. 

@OlkinComm: Nyjer Morgan should not lead off. Actually, he shouldn’t start. Start Bernadina in center and Morse in right.

@tbridge: Figure out the starting rotation. Wang/Zimmermann/Marquis need to audition for their spots, though.

@Kenz_aFan: Add one or two quality starting pitchers, decide on second base, replace Morgan with Bernadina, play Morse more often and replace Jim Riggleman with Davey Johnson.

@Lintyfresh85: Re-sign Adam Dunn, DFA Wil Nieves, find pitchers that have higher K/BB rates. Settle on second base. See if Nyjer is future in center field.

@texpadres: I’m thinking now that the Nats should stay put — mix of vets are already in place. Nats should release Adam Kennedy down stretch.

@TreyEley: Stop blowing leads!

@churchofbasebal: Changes? Stop promoting Strasburg like he’s going to lead the Nats to promised land.

@ghue: Sign some highly regarded international free agents.

@PhillyStanatic: Bernie in center and Morse in right field; Kennedy-trade/DFA; acquire a better backup catcher.

@j_aloysius: More playing time for Michael Morse. Less inconsistency with the lineups.

@zaronow: I would like to see the Nats make the moves that will allow them to contend next season

@TheNinerInsider: I’d like to see them get some their pitchers healthy. And trade Cristian Guzman and/or Kennedy

@skippaaaaah: Pitch Stephen Strasburg every game.


Nyjer morgan needs to learn how to get back to the wall and then catch the ball . If he would have hustled back to the wall, and then set up to catch the ball in the third inning. The Giants would’nt have scored those three runs in the third. I’ve seen him make the same misstake several times this year and cost us some runs. He’s to worried about robbing a homerun every time,and he’s no Ken Griffey Jr..Go back, feel the wall and then catch it. Little League stuff ! Someone needs to work with him on that,he doesnt get the best jump on the ball either.

Trade Guzman. He’s been great for the Nats, but he’s in the final year of his contract, and a contender could really use his bat. Harris could also be traded with Guz; he is easily replacable. I think there is maybe one or two missing pieces right now. The Nationals could use another starter since so many are either injured or underperforming. And unless Morgan shows signs of improvement, the Nats need to find a real leadoff hitter, someone who can hit for a higher average and have a better on-base percentage. Morgan needs to become more aggressive on the bases by bunting and stealing. Bernadina should also be more of a running threat. The Nationals have the potential to be a great offensive team, and once the picthers get healthy, a very good pitching team. Defense is suspect at times, but is a great improvement from last season.

There a lot of stuff the Nats “should do” if they “could do” but the problem is they “can’t do.” They can’t hit with men on base often enough, witness Willingham yesterday with the bases loaded. Morgan should learn how to field balls hit to the wall better, and then know where to throw it, but he’d had years now to learn those basics, so evidently he can’t learn it. Morse comes in to a game and hits like Joe DiMaggio, but yesterday with his big chance he was hopeless. Maybe Eckstein can still fix that. Desmond looks like Luis Aparicio on one play and Sam Dente on the next. He should learn more consistence, but can he? The pitching is basically awful, and the managing of the pitchers is still more awful. They’re either left in too long or not long enough. If they pitch poorly they stay. If they pitch terrific they come out after 100 pitches anyway. The team is so hapless right now, if I were Rizzo I wouldn’t know where to turn or what to do. Nobody is going to want the players the team can afford to trade, except maybe Williingham and still more maybe Guzman. Both hit on occasion and would probably be missed more than anyone they could fetch even doing as well. Dunn is play at about 75% of perfect right now and should be kept. Only Strasburg is truly too good to trade among the pitchers and only Hernandez is reliable enough to trade as last resort. All I can say is we still have a long way to go and good luck.

To continue, Capps scares me to death every time he comes in. Yes, he’s been great and successful, but he sure does play it on the edge. Clippard has reverted to Clippard. Stammen should play the outfield. Batista is way over the hill. Storin isn’t ready. Atilano shows poor attitude. Slatin and Burnett are so so, but soon Burnett’s arm will fall off the way they’re using him. Hernandez is fun to watch and we know about Strasburg…he’s not quite as good as I’d hoped, no Herb Score, but maybe it’s too soon for that. Bernandio is becoming a better than average player. Zimmerman is all quality and class, and Dunn is better than he’s ever been — yea Epstein. But Zimmerman and Dunn can’t do it all, and Dunn still can’t be counted on not to strike out like Casey at the Bat. I watch every day and night, and sometimes it just gets really tiresome.

First things first – RE-SIGN ADAM DUNN !!!!!!! Hasn’t he proved he’s capable of playing 1st base, and on top of that where would our offense be without him in the middle protecting Ryan Zimmerman? Cmon’ this guy is every bit as good as that 1st basemen in Philly and could be cheaper! Beyond that you know that we’ll probably do some trading and someone will have interest in Guzzy and Hammer so I unfortunately see these guys being traded. The good news is that we have Kennedy who can come in and play second and we have Morse who can take over in LF so it may not be a total fiasco to lose those 2 guys……

Hey Buick……….In the end Willingham is probably going to have to go. He is not good enough to hit 5th. He is stiff in the clutch and refuses to use all fields which his .265 shows…..As it turns out Morgan is the real “Fraud”. He is currently the first problem that needs to be solved. I don’t know if BERNIE should leadoff and Morgan to 2, but I know that Morgan/GUZ is not getting it done. Along with Willingham 5…………..The top 6 in this order are not scoring enough runs and are mostly too slow to advance from 1st to 3rd.

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