Twitter Poll: Should the Nats trade Dunn?

A few hours after Adam Dunn hit three home runs against the Padres, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Do you think the Nats should trade first baseman Adam Dunn? Yes or No. Why?

Of the 50 people who responded, 46 said Dunn should not be traded. Three people felt the Nats should make a deal for him. One person wasn’t sure. Here is what some of the followers had to say.

@WillFacc: Absolutely not. He is the most feared hitter in our lineup. Can’t replace his RBIs.

@natsboy: They can’t replace him. There are few power bats in all of MLB like him. He should be able to sustain for next few years. The team’s fielding problems should be addressed by upgrading second base and shortstop, not first base.

@CDublin: Re-sign this man for like two more years.

@nat_meg: Why mess up the Nats’ 3-4-5 chemistry? Then again, Dunn is streaky and a new outfielder would be nice.

@PatsNats28: He made Ryan Zimmerman better last year, and Zim, Dunn, and Josh Willingham together are potent. Lock Dunn up at three years,40 million, four years, 48 million, whatever .

@RickandBach: Why? Forty homer guys don’t come around often.

@RHLevitin: Trading Dunn & breaking up the 3-4-5 combo would hurt the Nats more than Nyjer Morgan’s inability to steal bases consistently.

@tdogjuwan: Please don’t trade Dunn.

@donnysamson: Sign Dunn now. 

@bpat007: Of course not. Need to keep fans and Zimmerman happy.

@jcj5y: I think Dunn is worth more to the Nats than any other team, which makes trading him seem like a bad idea.

@szul: Only if they can get a deal equal to his production, which they won’t, so no.

@IBALLZACH: No reason to break up the best 3-4-5 hitting trio in baseball.

@ilovethenats: The team needs another year together, I think

@pbsenerchia: I doubt they will get the value Dunn brings overall, He’s important to this team. Trade Matt Capps, maybe.

@perryspicks: Dunn should not be traded. The Washington Nationals lead the majors in errors and have such a young team. Dunn provides leadership.

@NotRizzo: Only if it makes the Nats better. Otherwise take the 2 draft picks (and 20 more dingers in ’10!)

@tbridge: No, if they can sign him for a good deal. He’s core to the team. 

@Josh_Betts: He is one of the better hitters on your team and it would be hard 2 get a player of equal or  greater value for him. So, no.

@PaulyO7: Take a look at Wednesday’s game. He brings credibility to the Nats offense. Dumb move if traded.

@K_Garb: That’s a hard question. Depends on the return.

@CraigMac: This team will be ready to contend in short order. Pitching is months away from legitimacy. Why set the offense back for years?

@borzoi06: Did you see the three homers? But seriously, too early to trade. Next year or after, possibly, but not now.

@thebrowncoat: They’d have to offer the moon, sun and stars, but yes, I guess theoretically, you should be open to any offer. In reality though, my fear is general manager Mike Rizzo will trade Dunn for way-less than he’s worth.

@jypaulos: Don’t trade Dunn! He’s our Frank Howard. If they keep Dunn, someday the Nationals will be painting a seat white in the right field upper deck. Keep Dunn! 

@KimCinAZ: No!! A) He doesn’t want to. B) Nats fans deserve him. C) 2011 will be awesome with the chemistry/cohesion. He’s big part of it.

@magunwarrior: Hell no, He’s probably the most underrated slugger in the Majors and he wants to stay. I don’t think it’s much of a decision.

@rickyh17: They should not trade him. He’s an important part of the offense and the Nats can’t afford to lose that now. 

@Lintyfresh85: You don’t get better by trading away your second-best player.

@mezza76: Yes, for the Dunn trade. The free agent 1B class is big next year, and the Nats need a good second baseman, outfielder and starting pitching more.

@mlabovich: How will they replace him next year? Where is the big bat going to come from?


The heart of the order is one of the few things the Nats have got all locked down. It’s not like Dunn is in the twighlight of his career, same for Hammer for that matter. Besides, there’s no one on the farm that’s of that caliber or ready and no chance you get 40 home runs and 100+ RBI’s back in a trade. It makes no sense to try and fill holes by creating another gigantic one. No to a trade, Dunn should stay.

Reminder to all: what did they did to Vlad Guerrero?? don’t sign, don’t trade & get stuck with a bad, bad ball club. That’s corporate stupidity.

Please don’t trade Dunn. He has made Zimmerman a better player. Dunn’s bat is the needed power in the line up. What the Nats should do is sign Dunn before season’s end. I know its about negotiating for the best possible deal but what about letting a player know that he is important to the team? Sign him up! What the Nats do need is a second baseman. Desmond will only get better. I like Guz but too many errors. Same with Kennedy.

Do not trade Adam Dunn Mr. Rizzo unless you get back Ryan Howard and a 25 year old 25 game winner! Dunn is the reason I became a season ticket holder! Now I would say trade Strasburg to the Yankees for Cano and their best young catcher and best pitching prospect. Or you could sign Dunn and lock up SS for the next 10 years.

No, do trade Dunn. His fielding has gotten so much better after the past years of looking like he didn’t care while playing in left field. Please keep him.

If you trade Dunn, fans will care about baseball once every 5 days (when Strasburg is pitching). A guy who hits 40 HRs a year is not replaceable in the minors and keeps fans like myself interested in watching the team play everyday. Zimmerman is great, but needs someone to complement him in the lineup and by trading him, he will be pitched around and his value will diminish…just look at the #’s since Dunn has been w/ him in the lineup.

Do not trade Adam Dunn. What he brings to the table is too BIG. Trade bait should be Morgan, Guzman, Kennedy, Batista and possibly Capps. I think that Capps contributions have been well recorded in the saves numbers, BUT each and every outing is becoming more and more of an adventure for him, and us. His trade value is probably the highest in his career right now and since we aren’t going to the playoffs, package him with some other assets and get another bat for the outfield.

The Nat’s 3, 4, and 5 positions in the lineup is one of MLB’s best and makes them interesting to watch. With some better starting pitching on the way, the Nat’s should be much improved over the last half of the season. Letting Adam Dunn leave would be a very big mistake. He is still in the prime of his career and he has played reasonably well at 1st base. Sign him up for another 4-5 years. The Nat’s should focus on building a contender and less on trading veterans for prospects.

keep dunn
sign harper and bring him straight to the majors
put him in CF and let morse/bernadina battle for RF.
get better 2nd baseman and shortstop and starting pitchers, and better bullpen help. keep willingham and zimmerman and pudge and dunn and all other key players.
give them all longterm contracts
if we do that, we will contend in a few years

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