Twitter poll: Should Strasburg be considered for All-Star team?

I asked a question to my Twitter followers on Saturday: Do you think Nats right-hander Stephen Strasburg should be considered for the 2010 All-Star Game? Why?

Of the 50 people who responded, 43 of them said Strasburg should be considered, while nine said Strasburg should rest during the All-Star break. Two followers were not sure when the question was asked. Here is what some of the Twitter followers had to say.

@LetTeddyWin: They should plan his turn in the rotation around it.

@kevin_reiss: Strasburg should go, but not at the expense of Ryan Zimmerman.

@Natss9: He started only three games even though he has been outstanding. I would have to say no. Well, if he is this good after 7 games then yes!

@RedZou: No, let him rest him rest during the All-Star break. He’s good enough, but he’s ours.

@OlkinComm: No, not after only a few starts. Even if he were voted in, Nats shouldn’t send him. Why waste innings, risk injury?

@natsboy: No. Because A-S game should reward accomplishment, not talent. He will not have accomplished enough after 7 starts.

@mikecarlucci: Why not? The ASG is just as much a “who’s hot” as it is “who’s the best” and Strasburg is as hot as they come.

@jenjensn: Well, it is a popularity contest. He’s pretty popular.

@jypaulos: Not sure. He would add some interest, but I’m not sure he’s been in the Majors long enough to earn All-Star recognition.

@thebrowncoat: Absolutely. If he’s one of the best pitchers in the NL.  He deserves to be there.

@IND_Sports_Cubs: No, he’s had three starts. He has the talent but has not been an “All-Star” this year.

@DArkMEATHOOK: He’s a pitcher. He’s putting up good stats. He should be considered. Selected, probably not.

@robmille: if Strasburg keeps pitching like this, they should consider him — not for the starter, but he is pitching amazingly

@chrisduckworth: If the coaches select Strasburg, why not?

@TahlequahSports: I say no to Strasburg on the All-Star team only because of the limited amount of work. What about the guys with 10+ starts?

@Pauly360: Absolutely! People want to see him face the best hitters in the league. What better place than the All-Star Game?

@churchofbasebal: You have to be kidding me. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time. Get some perspective!

@IBALLZACH: Not just yet.  But if he keeps pitching like he is for a couple more starts then, yes, he should be considered.

@TheNatsBlog: If he keeps pitching this way from now on, of course.

@HendoDC: Yes, absolutely. Excellence should be recognized, and he’ll be a ratings draw.

@RealRedskins: Absolutely. If he’s one of the best pitchers, why not? 

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HELL NO!. I don’t think Strasburg should be in the All-Star Running. He’s just an average Pitcher, I understand Why the Nats are so happy to have him. It’s just to bring up their ticket sales and jerseys to pay the enormous contract. If any one has been watching, what amazing things has he done??????. He started with the Pirates they suck, Indians suck too. Sorry to derail the wagon but he’s not Jesus, can he walk on water? The Braves Showed him that his Human after all. Start the Kid against teams that are worth a damm. Not easy wins Just take A look What happened to him tonight. So after all this, do you guys really think he’s worthy of an all-star game? If every one has been Watching The Kid is no All-Star.

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