Hernandez fined $500 for arguing balls and strikes

After Friday’s 4-2 victory over the Reds, Nationals right-hander Livan Hernandez told the Washington media that he was fined $500 earlier in the day for arguing Lance Berkman’s check swing, which occurred Tuesday against the Astros.

In the ninth inning, with the Nationals leading, 7-6, and two outs, the Nationals felt that closer Matt Capps struck Berkman out swinging on a 2-2 pitch, but third base umpire Bill Hohn said Berkman checked his swing. On the next pitch, Berkman singled to left field to drive in two runs and give the Astros an 8-7 victory.

Hernandez acknowledged that he argued the check-swing call in the dugout, but felt he should not have been fined.

“I said nothing. All I said was, it was a bad call and I get fined for 500 bucks,” Hernandez said. “I don’t think I’m going to pay for that because it was a bad call. [Berkman] swung. Everybody watched the video. The guy swung. The umpire made a mistake, not me. It’s not right. … Don’t fine me, fine the umpire. I didn’t make a mistake. We lost the game right there.”

Hohn was not available for comment. 


Bill: Is there no way to protest and demand a reversal of that loss? Such obvious gaffe calls (like the one in Detroit) should be reversed. What about a football-like rule allowing a few requests for instant replay decisions? The fine on Livo is outrageous. If he weren’t a millionaire, I’d pay it for him.🙂

Alright, but we’ll have to go back to Monday’s game as well and restart the game with Oswalt in it because he was removed unfairly. Actually, with going back and “correcting” games, we could spend all our time tracing back through the history of the game and replaying each that had a bad call in it. We wouldn’t need to actually play any new games!

And if we added instant replay to all calls, we could then have baseball games over several games given how long they’d last. But Cricket is a very popular game, so perhaps this would work well.

It’s time for MLB to enter the 21st century. You could set up a system like the NFL has limiting a team to how many challenges and a penalty of sometype id the challenge is not upheld. Baseball “purists” say that we shouldn’t chang ethe rule because of tradition, well hasn’t baseball changed rules oer the years to adapt, – lkie the DH, hieght of the mound, heck when baseball started there were no night games so maybe we shouldn’rt play at night, its time for another change.

Admittedly it’s a tricky business with potential unintended consequences. The DH was all about money and ruined the strategy of the AL game. This is about accuracy. Qualifier could be: when a call directly reverses the outcome of a game. In that case, Oswalt and Gallaraga would stand, Hohn’s call on Elvis would not. (And we’d be 28-28, but, er, that’s just incidental.)

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