Morgan to hit second vs. Astros

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided to hit Nyjer Morgan second in the batting order against the Astros on Monday afternoon.

Normally the leadoff hitter, Morgan is moving down a notch because he is in a slump, going 20-for-99 [.202] with a .262 on-base percentage during the month of May.
“The only place I can move him is second,” Riggleman said after Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Padres. “Nyjer is not going to play for you if he doesn’t hit first or second. It doesn’t make sense to put him anywhere else. I may take a little pressure off him to hit second for a little while. Whether you are hitting first or second, you still have to get on base.”
When told of Riggleman’s decision, Morgan said he could deal with hitting lower in the order.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Morgan said. “You have to be there for the squad. Things are not happening. I’m in a funk right now.” 

Asked if he was healthy, Morgan said, “Everything is fine. I’m having a tough time right now, I just have to battle through it. I just have a little adversity.”

Who will be Washington’s leadof hitter on Monday? It will be either Cristian Guzman or Adam Kennedy. Guzman has been the team’s best hitter thus far. He leads the Nationals in batting average [.321] and hits [51]. Kennedy is hitting .250, but has a .352 on-base percentage.            

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