Is John Lannan OK?

Left-hander John Lannan made his first start since May 2. He missed an outing last Saturday  against the Marlins because of elbow discomfort.

There was good news and bad news when it came to Lannan outing. He cruised through the first four innings. However, after sitting on the bench for a while in the top of the fifth inning, Lannan’s left flexor tendon start to stiffen up. Suddenly he couldn’t get his pitches down in the strike zone. The Rockies would go on to score four runs to make it a two-run game.  

Lannan lasted 4 2/3 innings and gave up four runs on six hits. He walked batters and struck out one. 

“The first four innings felt good and then [flexor tendon] tightened up on me,”  Lannan said. “It’s kind of tough to get out there and extend. The ball was up and I wasn’t able to make the pitches when I needed to. No excuses. It feels now. In that inning, it tightened up on me.”

While Lannan said he will be OK, manager Jim Riggleman isn’t so sure. The skipper is hoping that Lannan arm is feeling OK on Friday. Riggleman declined to say if he will make his next start, which is scheduled for Tuesday against the Cardinals.   

“I thought he looked real good, but he is still not totally himself –[a few walks] mixed in that we are not used to seeing in the past,” Riggleman said. “So I think he is making strides and he is getting closer. But the long fourth inning in the dugout and when he went out there in the fifth inning, I think that affected him. The elbow stiffened up a little bit.”   

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