Twitter Poll: Should Nats be concerned about Lannan

After the Nationals’ 9-3 loss to the Marlins, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Should the Nats be concerned about LHP John Lannan? Yes or No. Why?

Of the 40 people who responded, 35 said the Nationals should be concerned about Lannan, while five others felt Lannan will be OK. 

Here’s what some of the Twitter followers had to say:

@Natss9: I am concerned about Lannen, but not worried. He has shown in the past he can bounce back.

@grlong85: The Nats should be concerned. The inability to go deep in games is already starting to hurt the team.

@szul: The Nats should be concerned that he might not be healthy.  

@Tdappel: Yes. Still, it is tough to ever ask him to be the ace. He has no margin for error.

@Davewordnerd: Yes. Lannan’s ERA is 6.34. He doesn’t get people out this year. Where’s last year’s ground-ball guy?

@PhillyStanatic: Yes, because he’s pitching poorly and left-handed hitters are killing him.

@LMurphyDC: I don’t believe the fans have confidence in him, and for your No. 1, that’s a problem. He’s not providing reliability.

@HendoDC: Eighty percent, yes (only one really good outing out of 6). Twenty percent, No: Men in blue were squeezing him silly today.

@deleowned: He hsn’t been good with Livo taking the “ace” pressure off his shoulders. Maybe the league is finally catching up to him.

@ScottGPoole: He is throwing strikes, but after starting well, he loses focus. That can be fixed relatively easily.

@ThisManDrew: Give John Lannan another start. It’s only May.

@Neuman85: I would say no. Hopefully in a month or two, Lannan will be the team’s No. 3 or 4 pitcher, which is where he belongs.

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Somebody wrote that some of our pitchers are more comfortable pitching from behind than when they have the lead. This comment makes me think of Lannan. We’re ALWAYS coming from behind when he’s on the mound.

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