Morgan having problems stealing bases

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan is having problems stealing bases. He has been caught four times in nine attempts entering Monday’s action against the Cubs. 

Morgan hasn’t had this problem since his first professional season in the Pirates organization. In 2003, Morgan stole 26 bases, but was caught 17 times for Class A Williamsport.   

Morgan wonders if sliding feet first is preventing him from stealing bases consistently. During most of his career, Morgan has slid in head first.

The Nationals want him to slid feet first in order to prevent a hand injury. Last August, Morgan missed the final month of the season after breaking his left hand sliding head first into third base against the Cubs.

“Oh my God, this is killing me,” Morgan said. “I don’t know if it’s the feet-first slide. I haven’t been through [something like this]. I don’t have an answer for you. I just have to get it done and figure something out. I might have to go back to head-first [sliding].

“I’m not going to stop being aggressive. That’s my game. It’s one of those things where I have to figure it out. I’m running into outs. I have to make the adjustments. I have to keep going. I’m not going to stop. I have to understand when I should run and try to get there.” 

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It seems to me that the biggest problem with Nyjer stealing is that the batter never knows when he is going and so he is never protected by the batter swinging. It is way easier to steal when the batter isswining than when he is not.

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