Twitter Poll: Who should be in right field?

On Friday, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Are you happy with the right-field platoon of Willie Harris and Willy Taveras? Why?

Of the 40 people who responded, 35 made it clear that they were not happy with the right-field platoon, while five were OK with the situation. 

Here’s what some of the Twitter followers had to say:

@CraigsOnABoat: It’s time to let our young guns sink or swim. Roger Bernadina is ready and has a much better makeup for right field than Harris/Tavares.

@NotRizzo:  Absolutely not happy about Taveras. Mike Morse is a much better option vs. left-handed pitching.

@NFA_Brian: I would rather see Bernadina get a chance to sink/swim.

@emmi1966: I’d prefer to see one guy have the job.

@tylerradecki: I think the team should stick with Bernadina and give him a chance instead of Taveras. See what Roger can do with a platoon.

@LeperMessiah: No. Neither is experienced in right field and Taveras is not a Major League  bat.

@SacksJacked:  There are better options, but I’m limited with 140 characters.

@federalbaseball: Taveras/Harris? Hmm, so about that long-rumored trade for an outfielder?

@NatsEnquirer: It reeks strongly of the old Nook Logan/Ryan Langerhans no-hit CF platoon of 2007. Blah.

@kfisher32: I think Bernadina is the way to go at this point. Possibly more upside than the Willie or Willy. 

@Neuman85: No one seems to like Taveras, but he seems like a fit for the 2-hole.

@Khillock: Would Maxwell fit in RF? If so, I’d rather see him than the TaHarris platoon. 

@soullmeetsbody: They will be a hitting nightmare. Look at their OPS stats.   

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