Martin optioned to Triple-A Syracuse

The Nationals optioned right-hander J.D. Martin to Triple-A Syracuse on Wednesday. With the move, the team has 36 players remaining in camp.

Martin pitched in only three Major League games and had 6.30 ERA, however he threw a lot on the Minor League field because the club had its share of rainouts and too many pitchers in camp.

Martin was competing against right-hander Garrett Mock and left-hander Scott Olsen for the fifth and final spot in the rotation.       

General manager Mike Rizzo said sending Martin to the Minor League was one of the toughest moves he had to make this spring.

“It was really tough call. It’s a very small margin with him and the other candidates for that job,” Rizzo said. “The other two candidates give us a better chance at this point to get guys out in the Major Leagues early in the season. We told J.D. to go down there and keep working on his craft and we expect to see him in the big leagues soon.” 

Martin took the news well and said the lack of work on the Major League side had nothing to do with him getting demoted.

“I wasn’t too surprised. My reaction was, I have to keep working harder. That was the only thing that was going through my mind,” Martin said. “I don’t think [the rainouts and too many pitchers in camp] can hurt you. You still get innings in, whether it’s intrasquad games or actual games. I don’t think it hurt me.” 


Well, Riggleman is the manager, and a far better one than Acta, but this is a mistake. To keep Mock and let Martin go is a big mistake. Mock isn’t worth five cents and has proven it, and Martin pitched fairly well someteimes last year. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

This will prove to be a mistake. Mock hasn’t done very much to instill much confidence when he’s on the mound and Olsen’s arm strength is a big question. Martin consistently gives his team a chance to win. The Nationals won a high percentage of games when he started last season. At least show him some respect and trade him or release him so he can help another ball club!

This doesn’t make any sense at all. Martin was really good last year. this is a HUGE mistake. Worst move Rizzo has made sense named gm. This will come back to hunt when Mock/Olsen goes 4-15 with an ERA of 6. I was really pulling for him and knows how to pitch

This move just shows why the Nationals are losers every year! How can you send down the only guy that had a WINNING RECORD for you last year? This is the big leagues! It is about WINNING! Hopefully another club will see that there is a guy out there that will give their team a chance to win every fifth day and offer the Nots….er, Nats a trade and JD can get away from this organization. Of course JD is going to say the right things to the media, he’s a class guy, but, if I’m him, I’m telling my agent to get me the hell outta here!

Truth is JD didn’t get a fair shake this spring. After two quality outings early in spring he didn’t get to see the major league field for over 15 days?!? Meanwhile guys like Olsen, Chico, Mock, and Stammen were getting innings and looking anywhere from poor to below average (Strasburg was the only one who deserved his innings). After the long delay JD had a bad 1st inning, thats ONE bad inning, then threw 4 scoreless. So 9 of 10 high quality wasn’t good enough, instead lets get psyched about Livan Hernandez in the rotation, UNBELIEVABLE!!! It’s obvious favoritism was shown this spring from Rizzo down to the writing by Ladsen, and unfortunately JD had to deal with a much lower margin of error than Stammen, Mock, Olsen, and Hernandez….

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that JD got shafted here. The majority of the posts I have seen by fnas agree that JD should be the one in the 5th spot. Mock gets rocked every start, so JD gets sent down? WTF?!? JD got very few starts and I don’t care what anyone says, if you’re not getting evaluated against the major league hitters, the management and coaches aren’t getting a good look at what you can do. JD had 1 bad inning the whole spring. I wish the Nats would just trade JD. I know there are a lot of teams out there that need a WINNING pitcher.

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