Nats to name four pitchers in rotation

The Nationals are expected to name the first four pitchers in their rotation Monday.

They will announce that John Lannan, Jason Marquis, Craig Stammen and Livan Hernandez will be the four pitchers in that order.

Lannan will be the Opening Day starter against the Phillies on April 5 at Nationals Park. Marquis, Stammen and Hernandez will soon follow.

The team must decide on who the fifth starter will be. Garrett Mock, Scott Olsen and J.D. Martin are competing for the final spot.

Not long ago, Mock was considered part of the rotation, but he has given up five runs in his last nine innings. That’s not including the disappointing outing last week against the Minor League Astros in which he gave up three home runs.

Olsen knew Sunday was his last chance to prove to the Nationals that he should be in the rotation. It turned out that Olsen made the team’s decision even tougher in a 9-3 victory over the Braves. 

Olsen pitched 5 1/3 innings and gave up one earned run on seven hits. He struck out four and walked none. It was Olsen’s best outing of the spring.

As for Martin, he gave up five runs in five innings against the Tigers last Thursday. The first inning was Martin’s only bad inning as he blanked Detroit in the next four frames.

The last time Martin pitched in a big league game prior to that game was March 10 against the Cardinals. Rainouts and too many pitchers in camp were the reasons Martin didn’t see action until Thursday.

But it wasn’t like Martin was rusty. He pitched in simulated games and on the Minor League field. 


they should defiantly name jd martin as the 5th starter. Unlike Mock and Olsen, he knows how to pitch and attacks the strike zone, and he showed it last year. and other than 1 inning against a tough tigers lineup, he has been lights out this spring. I’m tired of seeing Olsen throw batting practice and hearing about Mock’s “potential”.

Livan? really? Honestly, is there any chance he’ll be useful? It’s been two years since he’s posted an ERA under 5.00 and hasn’t been remotely close to 4.00 since 2005. What next? offer contracts to Estenban Loaiza, John Patterson and Tony Armas?. The Nats should be playing for the future this year and Livan isn’t going to be part it (at least on the field). Cut him, move on and see if Stammen, Martin or Mock can help.

Thank God management is coming to its senses and not starting Mock. 4hr/14 innings and 3 hrs/3 inning in minor league camp. If he is experimenting on challenging hitters more he should be doing so in the minor leagues not majors. If he is the 5th starter they will lose all his starts. Mark my words.

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