Guzman, King will take wait-and-see approach

On Sunday, Cristian Guzman declined to comment about the possibility of Ian Desmond being the everyday shortstop for the Nationals. But Guzman’s agent, Stanley King, said Monday only the team has control of who plays the position.

King declined to say if he would asked the team to trade Guzman if the latter starts the season on the bench. Trying to trade Guzman would be difficult because he’s making $8 million this season.

“That is not my decision,” King said. “We have to take a wait-and-see approach. All Cristian can do is work hard and help the team in any way possible.”
King said the team has not talked to him about a contract extension for Guzman, who is a free agent after the 2010 season.

“There are no hard feelings toward the Nationals. He has had [five] good years there.” King said. 

Meanwhile Guzman played shortstop Monday against the Marlins. It marked the first time he played the position since having right shoulder surgery this past offseason. Guzman didn’t see much action except getting an assist in the second inning. 

Guzman most likely will get more action at the position either Tuesday or Wednesday.


15 and his agent are both crazy if they think there is a new contract until 15 has a good injury free season. But, I suspect 15 will play hard everyday. He always seems to pull it together in a contract year. Then the the same old inconsistant 15 is back.

I think it is actually a nice bit of maturity that Guzman did not put his foot in his mouth and stayed off the “team politics” barometer.
You know that four years ago he would have spouted off like a spoiled child, but maybe he finally has figured out that to work with the structure of the team and trust the process and things will work out…….maybe.
Usually in a “walk” year a guy can make or break his connection with the team in what he projects out into the media circus waiting for a mistake, odd comment or double-ended answer.
Hopefully he stayed silent because he is smarter now.

Rays Renegade

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