Twitter poll: Should Nats give Dunn a contract extension?

I asked for a response from my Twitter followers Wednesday: Should the Nats give first baseman Adam Dunn a contract extension? Why?

Of the 19 people who responded, nine felt Dunn deserved one, while nine others felt Dunn should be dealt before the trade deadline. One other person wasn’t sure what the Nats should do with Dunn.  

Here’s what some of the followers had to say:

@Kennygartner:  Sure, the defensive liabilities are there, but anyone who can hit 40 home runs and drive in 100 runs should be kept around, especially with his leadership. 

@nyrnyrnyr8: Keep Dunn because it’s the first time Ryan Zimmerman has had any protection in the lineup; and look what Zimmerman can do with it.

@DCBigTrain: The Nats don’t have a replacement for Dunn’s bat. And if Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder and Lance Berkman can learn to play a passable first base, so can Dunn.

@my92gsr: Re-sign Dunn because his bobble head is sitting on my TV.

@Khillock: No. Someone will need him at the trade deadline, and an extension all but erases that opportunity.

@yuda:  No extension for Dunn. Suspect d and players like him tend not to play well as they age.

@Donnysamson: Yes. Dunn makes the lineup better

@DroppingTheBall: I’d give him a two-year contract extension just because A) I enjoy watching him bat and B) Who would replace him at 1st base?


Dunn definetly makes you a better team even with his D issues. Which you will get to see if there is a improvement starting next week. A few years ago fans couldn’t even imagine the Nats signing a player of Dunns caliber. Now I think we are getting a little full of ourselves, in that Dunn is not good enough for us. Mr. Rizzo is smart enough to see the potential and should do his best to sign him. Bowden was a fool for not signing him to 4 yrs at 40mil when Dunn wanted too. He will improve Zimmerman and Morgan jumping around the bases makes both of them even better at the plate. GO NATS!!!!

“…that Dunn is not good enough for us”

Somebody hit the nail right on the head. A really insane nail. All these fans screaming for years that the team needs to throw around cash in that ultra-successful Orioles 1997-2007 style, then when they go out and spend some bucks on a top-tier player he’s not worth keeping because he’s below average defensively at the least important defensive position on the field. Brilliant.

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