Personal matter keeps Willingham away from camp

Nationals left fielder Josh Willingham has not reported to camp because his newborn son, Ryder Jon Willingham, experienced some complications, according to the outfielder.
Josh Willingham did not say what the problems were, but he is happy to report that Ryder is getting better. Josh Willingham indicated he is planning to arrive in camp by Wednesday. 
Manager Jim Riggleman also declined to talk about what was going on with Willingham.

“He is home for a few more days at least,” Riggleman said. “I really don’t want to get into why he is home. It’s something we can explain once he gets here, but Josh is doing well himself. We’ll get him here later this week or next week. It’s not going to take him long to get ready once he gets here.”  
Willingham did not arrive in camp last week because his wife, Ginger, gave birth to Ryder in Florence, Ala., on Tuesday. Ryder came in at 22 inches and weighed eight pounds.

Once he arrives in camp, Willingham most likely will not play in an exhibition game until early next week. 

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