Ross Detwiler returns to Space Coast Stadium

Nationals left-hander Ross Detwiler arrived at Space Coast Stadium late Saturday morning on crutches. His arrival came four days after having surgery to repair a labral tear in his right hip.

As he walked slowly into the hallway, Detwiler was greeted first by right-hander Stephen Strasburg. Detwiler told him what happened to his hip as Strasburg showed concern for his new teammate.

After talking to additional players on the team, Detwiler then had treatment on the hip, which lasted almost two hours.

Detwiler said he started having hip problems around mid-to-late January while throwing the baseball at the Nationals Spring Training complex. But he didn’t get it checked until last week. Detwiler saw Dr. Bruce Thomas, the team’s orthopedist in Florida, who indicated that something was wrong with Detwiler’s hip. Detwiler then went to Colorado to see Dr. Marc Philippon, who confirmed that surgery was needed.

Asked if the hip bothered him going back to last season, Detwiler hesitated and said, “Everyday, it’s 162 games. You have aches and pains. It really didn’t stand out to anything that would keep me off the field until I start firing it up this year.”

Detwiler is expected to start throwing in six weeks and possibly pitch in a game in 10 weeks.

“That’s a lot quicker than I thought it would be,” Detwiler said. “It was great [that they rushed me into surgery] because now I’m going to miss less time than I would have if they took their time with it.”

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