Jim Riggleman to have pregame segment on radio

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman will have a pregame segment on WFED Federal News Radio  starting April 5, when his team faces the Phillies at Nationals Park. Riggleman is the first Nationals manager to have such a segment.

Riggleman’s segment will be part of  “Nationals On-Deck,” a 30 minute pre-game show which is hosted by Nationals play-by-play announcers Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler.   

“We are really excited because in the last five years, we were not able to come to any agreement with Frank Robinson or Manny Acta,” said Jeff Wolinsky, who is the director of nationals sales and sports sales manager at WTOP Radio Network  and WFED. “The reason this was able to happen with Jim is because he wanted to have an opportunity to reach out to the fans. This gives Jim a great opportunity to speak as clearly as possible to the fans on a daily basis.”

Slowes was ecstatic when he learned Riggleman will have a segment on a regular basis. 

“We’ve wanted  something like this since we began in 2005 and when I talked to Jim about it last season, he was very interested in the idea,” Slowes said. “We’re thrilled it’s coming to fruition, and fans will get to hear Jim whether it’s on the road or, of course, at Nationals Park.”

Riggleman wasn’t available for comment, but his agent, Burton Rocks, said his client wanted to connect to the fans.

“This was something Jim was quite passionate about,” Rocks said. “He wanted the fans to feel connected to the team on a daily basis.”  

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Another reason for the Nats to affiliate with stations which can be heard outside the beltway after dark.

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