Lannan happy Marquis joined Nationals

Left-hander John Lannan is one person who is pleased the Nationals signed right-hander Jason Marquis to a two-year, $15 million contract last week. Lannan is expected to learn a lot from the 10-year veteran.

Last year, there wasn’t a veteran in the rotation to learn from until late August, when Livan Hernandez joined the team. Lannan, 25, was Washington’s No. 1 starter, and he wasn’t bad in that role, going 9-13 with a 3.88 ERA and two complete games.

Now Marquis will take over the top spot in the rotation, while Lannan drops down to No. 2. Marquis will help a pitching staff that finished 16th in the National League in ERA [5.00]. 

“Having Jason helps a lot because he had a great season in 2009,” Lannan said. “He has been on winning teams. He also knows how to win. I guess it’s kind of contagious on the teams he was on. Hopefully he keeps on going with that. He has learned from great pitchers.

“I actually talked to him in the middle of the season. He is from Staten Island and he stayed in Staten Island. It shows a lot of dedication. He is very grounded. It’s something we need. When Jason comes in, I’m sure I’m going to learn from him.”

Lannan said he never felt pressured being the No. 1 starter  in Washington’s rotation this past season. He knew he had a lot to learn in that role.

“I knew my role and we didn’t have the big-name guys [in the rotation],” Lannan said. “It was definitely a learning experience. I wouldn’t  have it any other way. I’m glad I was given opportunities to be in that that position. Every year I’m trying to learn. When Jason comes I’m going to learn from him.”     

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I hope “The Marquis” will be a great mentor and leader for our young staff. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the “De Marquis de Sad state of affairs”. That would really su*ck.

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