Cardenal dismissed by Nationals

Jose Cardenal was informed Thursday morning that he has been dismissed by the Nationals. Cardenal, who was the special advisor to the general manager since the 2005 season, was given the news by assistant general manager Bob Boone.  

Cardenal said he didn’t have any hard feelings toward the organization, knowing that general manager Mike Rizzo wanted to bring in his own people.

Hired by then general manager Jim Bowden after the 2004 season, Cardenal spent the last five seasons roving around the Nationals’ Minor League system, teaching position players how to play the outfield the right way. He also advised Bowden on which players to promote to the Major Leagues.

“If you are a baseball person, you know that it’s going to happen with the new GM coming up and them wanting to clean house,” Cardenal said. “They knew I was close to Jim. I have nothing but positive things to say. The Lerner family treated me well.”

Boone and Rizzo were not available for comment.  

Cardenal plans to stay busy. He wants to legally bring Cuban players to the United States and play professional baseball. Cardenal, who is from Cuba, came to the United States legally in the early 1960s and had a respected career in the big leagues, hitting .275 with 175 home runs and 775 RBIs in 18 years.

“My plan is to go to my country and try to see if I could start something if possible,” he said. “That’s going to be my next dream, to bring players from Cuba to the United States [legally].”

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