Detwiler to start Saturday

It appears that Ross Detwiler’s season is not over. He will start Saturday afternoon’s game against the Braves.

On Monday, the left-haner pitched six solid innings and won his first Major League game against the Mets. It appeared he was done at a combined 147 1/3 innings, but the Nationals thought he had enough innings left in him to get a another start.

The Nationnals also wanted to respect the Braves and the Rockies, who were battling for the National League Wild Card. Washington planned to put in their best players on the field that day.

However, Colorado won the National League Wild Card on Thursday afternoon and Atlanta is out of the playoff race. Don’t look for the Nationals to change their minds when it comes to Detwiler. 

“We want to see him get one more start under his belt before he shuts it down for the year,” general manager Mike Rizzo. “It has been really interesting and exciting to see how his composure has improved. His command has improved — just the whole package of what he brings to the table.” 

Detwiler, the Nationals’ first-round pick in the 2007 First Year player Draft, will compete for a rotation spot next year.                  

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