Desmond to play right field

Interim Nationals manager Jim Riggleman continues to experiment with the lineup. On Saturday, he decided to start shortstop Ian Desmond in right field, a position Desmond has not played since he was in high school in Sarasota Fla. 

Desmond was given three days noticed that he would play the position. In fact ,he was seen playing right field during batting practice on Saturday. 

Riggleman made the move in order to get Pete Orr in the lineup at second base. Right-hander John Maine is pitching on Sunday and he is tough on left-handers. So Riggleman will have an all-right-handed lineup that day.

As for Desmond, he borrowed a glove from outfielder Justin Maxwell in order to play the right field. Desmond said he was not nervous when he was told about playing a new position. 

“They believe in me and they want me out there. I will go where ever they want,” Desmond said. “I don’t care, as long as I’m on the field and get a chance to play in the big league level. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Riggleman didn’t rule out using Desmond in right field.

“I would say it could [happened again] based on who’s pitching or if someone is banged up,” Riggleman said.  

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That’s interesting… I really like this kid. He has a dynamic bat.

Buz –

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