Nats thinking about moving Guzman to second base

After the season is over, the Nationals are going to try to improve their middle infield defense. They would love to get second baseman Orlando Hudson if he becomes a free agent.

But the Nationals have a Plan B if they can’t get Hudson. The team is seriously thinking about moving Cristian Guzman from shortstop to second base and then try to find a defensive-oriented shortstop. Prospect Ian Desmond is a possibility to play shortstop in 2010.

Washington has been concerned about Guzman’s defense almost all season. They have been alarmed that Guzman is having a problems going to his left on groundballs.
Interim manager Jim Riggleman believes a foot injury has hampered his ability to go to his left.

“Looking back on it, I think that the problem that he has had with his foot has probably been there longer than [what we thought],” Riggleman said. “I think he has played with some discomfort. … I have to admire him. He has played through it.”        


Trade Guzman he’s done a good job but he’s not a shortstop , put Ian Desmond at shortstop and Danny Espinosa at second ( this will be a much improved stable infield lineup barring injuries). Keep Mike Morse and Willie Harris they’re both good utility players. Willingham, Nyger Morgan and Dukes make up a decent starting outfield. Keep Dunn at first, try to sign him for another 3 or 4 years. Hope that Flores makes a full recovery, keep Bard as his backup. This team will drastically improve next year if the pitching hopefully gets better, pitching is the key. Keep Livian Hernandez, Tom Boswell made a good point in one of his recent Washington Post articles, Livian’s mentoring value to the young starters is at a premium. I think Mr. Rizzo and Mr. Riggleman have been doing pretty good jobs considering it’s a young team.

Uh 1andonlyfritzer I think you have it reversed.

It would Espinosa at shortstop and Desmond at 1st or in the outfield. Desmond is not a good fielding shortstop. His 17 errors just at Syracuse alone should give one pause.

And actually if Morse were a better fielder he would likely start as he is without a doubt the better hitter of the three. Perhaps an Uggla or even an Utley offensively. Its his defense at second? He played shortstop for the Mariners and started the entire year because of his bat. He came from the Mariners organization to the Nationals.

Espinosa apparently is a gifted fielder at shortstop. But his bat still needs development.

The idea of moving Guzman to second even over an Orlando Hudson may be more attractive to Nats management. He is under their control and he is a switch hitter. Orlando is also over 30 and signing him to a long-term deal would go against their philosophy of only offering those sorts of deals to talented FA’s 28 or under. To play for the Nats he would likely want a long-term deal given their record. So, I perhaps Ladson is smoking some dream weed when he calls for Hudson.

Heck if Rizzo could pull it off they would be far better off trading for an under 30 shortstop like Hanley Ramirez. If Ladson can smoke his dream weed, so can I. And it isn’t as if Florida hasn’t been known to do these trades for the right package of players.

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