Nyjer Morgan miss playing baseball

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan was seen in the dugout with his left hand wrapped in bandages on Friday.

It comes a little over a week after Morgan broke the hand sliding headfirst into third base on a stolen-base attempt in the first inning against the Cubs. Morgan left the game after scoring on a double by Cristian Guzman and was replaced by Willie Harris.

Morgan had surgery on the hand since then, and the Nationals clearly miss him, going 0-6. It doesn’t help that Harris and Justin Maxwell were a combined  2-for-23 [.086] from the leadoff spot entering Friday’s action.

“There were a couple of times I had to turn off the TV because I’m playing the game in my head. I was watching the guys when they were on the road trip,” Morgan said. “It’s frustrating. Next year, [I’m] definitely going to bring more fire for what I have to bring on the field.” 

After his stitches are taken out later this month, Morgan hopes to play in the Instructional League to make sure he has his swing back.

“I’ll try to get some at-bats to see how it feels,” Morgan said. “I want to go so I could see with my own eyes the progression with my hand.”       

Morgan will continue to slide headfirst into bases unless he is ordered by the team to do otherwise. He feels it’s faster going into the bag headfirst.    

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