Nats to purchase contract of Pete Orr

With center fielder Nyjer Morgan out for the season, the Nationals have decided to purchase the contract of infielder Pete Orr from Triple-A Syracuse before Friday’s game against the Cardinals.

This will be Orr’s second stint with the big club. Last year, he played in 79 games and hit .253 with seven RBIs. Orr most likely will be a defensive replacement when he arrives in St. Louis.

Before the promotion, Orr was hitting .245 with nine home runs and 50 RBIs for Syracuse.  


Pete Orr? Don’t get me wrong, I like Pete Orr, but isn’t he an infielder? I had expected the call-up to be Justin Maxwell, who always looked good to me (if a bit unlucky at the plate).

I almost expected them to go this route – calling up an infielder – and using Mike Morse more in the outfield. I just expected it to be Ian Desmond and not Orr!

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