Dukes hurts thumb; Bernadina out for season

Right fielder Elijah Dukes was expected to bat seventh in Sunday’s game against the Brewers, but was a late scratch because he hurt left thumb taking batting practice on Saturday. Instead, Mike Morse received the start in right field.

Dukes, who is in a 10-for-47 slump, was concerned about his swing, so he decided to take early batting practice on Saturday.

“The thumb kind of blistered up. It’s just a little too sore to play, really, so he is a late scratch from the lineup,” interim manager Jim Riggleman said.

The skipper didn’t say when Dukes would return to action.

In other news, outfielder Roger Bernadina is out for the year because of a fractured right ankle. He injured the ankle making a great catch against the Marlins last April. He is currently rehabbing the ankle in Viera, Fla., but is running the bases at only 50 percent.    


Why not just release this guy and give reps to others that will work hard to develop their game and not be a potential ticking time bomb? The day the NAT’s do that will be the day they really make a statement around winning. Can’t everyone see that he is part of the reason we always lose? While he was in triple A the team started winning and the triple A team started losing. Can’t everyone see how much of a poison this guy is in the clubhouse? It’s always something with him, leg, hamstring, knee, thumb. He’s prone to injury because he doesn’t put in the “alone” work he needs to do to stay healthy. Being as strong as a bull isn’t enough in this game, you have to be durable through hard work preparation and discipline. All qualities Elijah “Dupe” doesn’t have.

I’m sick of all the Elijah Dukes hatred. What has this guy done to make a lot of nats fans so pissed? He’s one of the nicest guys on the team, signs autographs almost daily. Works hard at improving even when hes in a slump and has miles of untapped potential. Yes, he’s had the injury bug in the past, but hes been fairly healthy the entire season. Ken Griffey Jr also had the injury bug, was he a cancer to the team? Your an idiot my friend, and your entire statement is false, give the man a chance hes only 24.

I agree with lil.chambers. It seems that a lot of people just because he looks rough and tough thinks he is an *** but the guy says hi to everyone signs autographs (a lot more than our great player Zimmerman which I love to see on our team) and is nice to people. I’m a season ticket holder and so far in all the fan activities I’ve been too he’s been great. I’ve also heard this from people that are often hanging around the team. He just needs patience to figure out his swing and even though Austin Kearns is also a great guy too Dukes is a way better option with a lot more upside. Don’t forget that cannon of an arm.

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