What happens to Riggleman?

Now that Mike Rizzo has been named the general manager, the Nationals must decide who becomes the manager on a permanent basis.

Interim manager Jim Riggleman has done a good job since taking over the club after the All-Star break, going 17-16 entering Thursday’s action against the Rockies.

But the Nationals will go through a mangerial search during the offseason and then decide who will manage the club.

“I certainly like what Jim has done. I’m the one who made him the interim manager. It was my decision,”  Rizzo said. “He is an old-school baseball guy with a lot of new ideas. He is certainly going to be a candidate for the permanent managerial job, but that’s a discussion we are going to have after the season is over and throughout the winter. There is going to be a process.”               


Keep Jim!

If he can go .500 against the remaining schedule, which is tough, he should get the job. By the way, thanks to the Nationals for the $1 tickets (plus fees). I don’t have a lot of money so I usually hang with Bob and Rob.

Riggleman deserves the job! Keep him! Unless, of course, the Reds want to fire Dusty and hire Jim!!!!

Nationals should make Riggleman as a permanent manager for the Nationals, most improved since the All-Star break

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