Riggleman doesn't think major trades are coming

The Nationals have been on a roll under interim manager Jim Riggleman, winning six out of their last eight games entering Wednesday’s action.

Asked how much he would hate to see some of the players dealt before Friday’s trade deadline after a good run, Riggleman said, “Personally, I don’t think we are going to lose them, I really don’t. We have seen some trades made in the last few days that would probably lower the chances of our guys getting traded. … I don’t anticipate losing our guys.”

Nationals players such as Adam Dunn, Nick Johnson and Josh Willingham have been mentioned in trade talks. They are only going to be dealt if the Nationals get top prospects for them. 


I hope Riggleman is right. We need to build the team with what we have and stop breaking it up. How do you expect them to work together when they constantly have someone new coming in. We have the team we need, just could probably use a 2nd baseman.

The NATS seem to be coming together as a team, Nyjer Morgan has been a huge impact for the offense and defense. Concerns I have is how much management is willing to spend to acquire free agents in the off season to improve the ball club.
Will NATS resign Johnson, if not move A Dunn to first base now to get him experience for next year and call up Dukes to see if he is the answer in left field now.
Still have not signed their number one pick and if they fail to do so, it would be the second consecutive year.
NATS need to know if Johnson and Dukes are in their plans for next year if not, start making he changes now and fill in the gaps via free agents…

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