Riggleman holds postgame meeting on daily basis

Since becoming interim manager of the Nationals, Jim Riggleman has a held a team meeting after every game. The sessions last no more than a few minutes.

He usually tells his players what went right or wrong during the game. His most famous meeting came on Friday after a 6-2 loss to the Padres at Nationals Park. He told his players that night they didn’t give 100 percent effort. It didn’t help that Washington made four errors and committed a passed ball in the game.

“Generally, throughout the time that I’ve managed,  I always felt like if we lost a ballgame, I wanted to make sure that I was visible in the clubhouse, just showing them that we lost that game  — I lost it, we lost it,” Riggleman said. “When we win a game, I don’t spend too much time in there, just touch on a couple of things, maybe point out some details of the game that we did that may have gone unnoticed.”

Outfielder Josh Willingham dominated Monday’s game by hitting two grand slams. After the game, Riggleman pointed out to the players that outfielder Adam Dunn made two great plays in left field and advanced to second on a wild pitch.

“If you are having a year like we are having, you just have to keep giving it to them that we are not quitting,” Riggleman said. “We are going to keep getting after it. If you keep getting after it, they are going to feel that way, too.”    

Riggleman said he would not hold meetings on an everyday basis if the team was doing well. 

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