Nick Johnson's contract status

Even if first baseman Nick Johnson is not traded before the trade deadline, the Nationals have to deal with the fact that he will become a free agent after the season.

According to baseball sources, Johnson wants a two-year deal and to make more than the three-year, $16.5 million extension he signed during the spring of 2006.  Whether the Nationals give him such a deal is not known. approached Johnson twice about his contract status, but he declined to comment. 

Johnson has had an injury-plagued career during his time with Nationals/Expos. He has played only two full seasons — 2005 and ’06 — during his time with the team.

At the same time, the Nationals don’t have a player ready to replace Johnson. There has been talk all season that Adam Dunn could do the job, but he doesn’t have the defensive skills that Johnson has.

Johnson has played in 96 games and is hitting .295 with six home runs and 42 RBIs this season. 


I hope he gets traded and we get something in exchamge for him, he’s a great guy, awesome player, but you never know when he’s gonna go down to another DL stint. The Nats should get a first baseman in the offseason.

How many more former nationals are gone to beat
up on them? Its dumb to trade in your own division.
Its great college baseball in on gable; much better
playing then the nats………….

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