Willingham, Dunn drawing interest

The Rangers have been in Washington scouting the Nationals, according to a baseball source. Texas is looking for a right-handed hitter, and it is believed that it has interest in Josh Willingham, who has been one of the Nationals’ most consistent hitters this season.

Entering Friday’s action, Willingham was hitting .294 with 13 home runs and 29 RBIs. He is arguably the most sought after player on the Nationals because of his consistency with the bat.

The Tigers are another team that is interested in Willingham as well as Adam Dunn. They see both players as designated hitters. According to an industry source, the Nationals have been scouting players from Double-A Erie, a Tigers affiliate.   

In any deal, the Nationals want young pitching prospects in return.  


The rangers surely have a good farm…maybe it’s going to be a blessing?

Hey, here’s an idea…try to trade players who are not performing, then trade the ones who are, then trade the ones people like…keep on “developing” until the only players anybody knows are in the minor leagues.

Why don’t we just trade anybody who might get a hit? We already stink. When the pitching is on, the bats are absent. When the hitting is on, the pitching blows. Defense is rare. The only draw that the Nats have are individual players — Zimmerman, Dunn, Willingham, Morgan, Johnson, and everybody’s favorite Willie Harris. Tell me, why are two-thirds of these guys rumored to be traded?

This afternoon Marty B. said there is a solid rumor that the Tigers want Milton Bradley as their DH. Later in the game Bradley hit a first pitch PH HR. Guess he’s trying to impress somebody. Is Bradley getting 30 million for a two or three year contract.? Makes the Nats look great getting Dunn for 20 mill for two. I’ve been a Dunn fan since he played for the Louisville Bats. I know Ladson is one of those writers who find little to like in Dunn. I’m not going to knock Ladson anymore since I chided him about Zimm hitting into DPs, Dunn has hit into three. Please Bill use your awesome powers to get rid of Dunn so he can play for a contender as a DH or whatever. I’ve watched all the Nats games this year and I’ve seen things that Casey never saw with the 62 Mets. Mercy.

Thank you positivebutpuzzled. I hope Nats management reads it — and is smart enough not to trade the players that make the Nats worth watching, even with all the Ls.

I do not understand why the Nationals would even consider trading two for their most consistent players so far in 2009. Unless the Nats plan on rushing Burgess and marrero for A ball to take over first base and left field. Number one they should signe their first round draft pick, if not in will be a major insult to the fans to see them fail to sign their number one pick two years in a row. The only players i would consider to trade is Nick Johnson, Guzman and Kearns…..

finaaly the nats have some hitters. why trade them away for pitchers when you already have a ton of good young arms? sign your first round pick and a couple free agents starters in the off season. don’t be so cheap. you trade dunn willingham or zimmerman and you might as well not count on my season ticket renewal next year.

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