Riggleman, Nationals support Austin Kearns

Nationals outfielder Austin Kearns hasn’t received much playing time lately. In fact, he has only 17 plate appearances in his last 22 games. It doesn’t help that he is 12-for-79 [.152]  in his last 37 games. 

Part of the problem is that Kearns hasn’t been able to make the proper adjustments with his hands. He is usually vulnerable to inside pitches. 

Although he hasn’t played much, Kearns has earned the respect of the organization. He has never complained about lack of playing time, according to interim manager Jim Riggleman.

“This is one of the finest people you ever want to meet. What a class individual,” Riggleman said. “A lot of people with his stature in the game would display an attitude and a body language that would be very hard to be around. I appreciate the way he is handling the situation.”

Kearns has been on the trade block for the most of the season, but there doesn’t appear to be any takers. Kearns has an option for $10 million for 2009, but that is not expected to be picked up by the Nationals.     


Nice guy or not, he is not worth 10mil.

Who the hail would complain about not having to work for $10,000,000.00. He should be taken behind the shed if he complained about a gig like this. If he was such a great guy he would give the money back to the team. There must be something in the Bible about stealing from the unfortunate. Thou shal at least bat .200. He who is without a hit must give financial relief to he who giveth blindly.
Verse: John 3 Nats 2

Boy, Nats fans, I feel sorry for you. I live in Cincinnati and am a huge Reds’ fan…….we’re STILL trying to get the stink of Jim Bowden off of this club. Kearns and Dunn were both Bowden guys, if AK does get traded look for Dunner to pout because his drinking buddy is gone again. Don’t get me wrong, Kearns was a decent player here and Dunn is what he is (overpaid and overrated) and as much as I rooted for those guys (well, OK, I rooted for Kearns…….I’ve been a Dunn basher for a while now) they are both very limited. Kearns hasn’t been the same since the thumb injury that made him throw the bat into the crowd on every 3rd swing. Just curious, does he still do that? Good luck Nats, I hope having Ol’ Leatherpants as your GM doesn’t hamstring your team too long.

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