Johnson, Harris on trade block

Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson continues to be on the trade block, but getting traded may be another story.

According to one baseball source, the Nationals are asking too much for Johnson. Teams are not willing to give up top young players for a guy who gets injured often.

This year, however, Johnson has been healthy all season. He was hitting .305 with six home runs and 38 RBIs entering Thursday’s action against the Cubs.  

It was also learned that “contending teams” have interest in outfielder/infielder Willie Harris, a popular figure in organization.

Opposing teams like Harris because he can play all of the positions accept for first base, catcher and pitcher. It’s not known which teams are interested in Harris.         


Can we trade Guzman to them, and SAY it is Willie?

Why not try to trade Adam Dunn instead of Nick Johnson? There could be one or more American League teams that would be interested in Dunn as a designated hitter. Johnson is much more valuable to the Nationals–both on and off the field–than Dunn ever will be. If Johnson is traded, who will play first base? Adam Dunn? He probably will give up more runs with his fielding than he produces with his batting.

How about keeping them both if the interested teams are not stepping up with the kind of offers we need! Dunn will get better on D with the help of Grissom. but he is not a suitable replacement for Slick Nick. If Nick does get traded It will be time to look at Mererro and Maxwell. But the fact is Nick will probably still be there after the deadline.
Harris may be another story. If the Nats trade him we will not only need a producer back, but a real character guy as well.

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