Nats' Acta defends Guzman

Entering Saturday’s action, Nationals shortstop Cristian Guzman is hitting .304 with three home runs with 23 RBIs. However, he is in a 6-for-47 [.128] slump and his defense has been shaky.

In fact, the Nationals are looking for a new shortstop because they have been alarmed that Guzman is having a hard time going to his left when trying to field a ground ball.

Manager Manny Acta is one guy who defended Guzman by saying one can’t expect Guzman to get the job done every night.

“I see a human being,” Acta said. “In the course of 162 games, every player is going to go through a tough time. He is going through a slump right now. The same thing happened to Ryan Zimmerman.

“It’s a long season. Every one of these guys are going to go through a tough time — offensively and defensively. They are human. That’s why we have to have the patience. It’s very difficult for every one of these guys to be on top of their game for 162 games of the baseball season.”           


Go Guzy!!!

Well, if Acta feels the need at this particular time to defend Guzman, I guess that this article only serves to confirm yesterday’s suspicion that Guzman was the target of Dibble’s and Knight’s assertion that certain players were dogging it and needed to for dealt.

Remeber that Acta also consistently supported Milledge and Dukes despite poor attitudes and at the expense of team interests.

By the way, last fall I predicted on some of these Blogs that Manny Acta would be gone by July if the Nats weren’t playing close to .500 ball. Well they ain’t … 19 days left.

Hang in there Guz. Although if we can get some higher level prospects for him and he can go to a contender, I’d be all for it.

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