Acta gives opinion on All-Star representative

Manager Manny Acta said it is tough to decide which member of the Nationals should go to the All-Star Game in St. Louis this month.

Acta said the candidates are between shortstop Cristian Guzman and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Entering Saturday’s action, Guzman was hitting .321 with three home runs and 21 RBIs, while Zimmerman had a .295 batting average with 13 home runs and 44 RBIs.

“I think Cristian has been our most consistent hitter the whole year and I think Zimmermann also deserves a chance to go, not only because of the 30-game hitting streak. His numbers are pretty good compared with the other third basemen,” Acta said.

There is some talk in baseball circles that left-hander John Lannan should be considered, but Acta wasn’t sure. Lannan was 5-5 with a 3.45 ERA before Saturday’s game against the Braves.

“It will be tough because they only pick so many starters,” Acta said.        


What’s up with Manny? How could he leave Dunn out of the conversation? As far as I’m concerned Adam Dunn was the only correct answer as he is easily having the best season of any of the Nats. By not mentioning him it makes me wonder whether a trade might be in the works. One would think that making the AS team would only increase his trade value. Under any circumstance I would think Dunn would not be pleased with Acta’s speculations.

Just shows why Manny is out of touch and needs to be replaced ASAP. Dunn has 22 HR’s and 58 RBI’s, and to think he wouldn’t even be in the conversation is beyond ridiculous. I actually think it will be Dunn who winds up getting the nod.

On reflection I think Manny’s response might have been influenced by the writer, Bill Ladson. Since Bill’s been covering the Nats since 2002 for MLB you would thik he has the credibility to ask Manny, “What about Adam Dunn.?”. Of couse it was earlier this week that Ladson cracked that the Nats had come to the conclusion that Dunn belongs in the American League as a DH. Everyone seems to know that Dunn’s fielding is mediorce at best. That being said he plays everyday and is both versatile and humble enough to play three different positions in the field for a last place team without a complaint. I also observe that not a single tag on this blog even mentions Dunn. What’s up with that Mr. Ladson?

I don’t hold a grudge against Adam Dunn. I credit him for being a solid hitter. But you can’t tell me that he has helped the Nationals with the glove. That’s important, too.

Dunn should be the player from the Nats to be in the all star game. The average hitting of Guz and Zim and below average fielding of both definately eliminates them. I can tell you, I don’t feel confident when I see a ground ball hit to either player. Especially Zimmerman. Sure he can “scoop” ’em up. But, his throws to first are very, shall we say, erratic. Nah, send Dunn. He has earned it.

Some people forget about the little 30 game Hit Streak that was earlier in the season. Also, who finished 2nd to Wright? Where did Dunn fit in the line up of outfielders compared to Outfielders voted around the league.

I think the reserves are those coming in 2nd or 3rd to others in the category…

i say screw manny and give dunn his due he deserves to be in the all star game and if your hurt then you shouldnt play so dunn should take beltrans spot

i say screw manny and give dunn his due he deserves to be in the all star game and if your hurt then you shouldnt play so dunn should take beltrans spot

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